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Thread: A question related to Rubick's cape.

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    A question related to Rubick's cape.

    Hello what I am about to ask might sound silly but here it goes.
    I was Clock and I was chasing Rubick and his cape's bottom(those things that bend) where touching my hero so I went ahead and used cogs only to have him pushed away.
    I think that it's my fault for not standing as close as possible but I thought I had him because of that silly cape being so huge and making the hero look so big. Has anybody else had this happen to him when trying to cog Rubick from behind? I know that cogs sometimes work in your favor and sometimes they don't but that cape made me believe that he was close.
    After some thought I now realize he was far away but the visuals of the cape are confusing if the hero chased was a hero that had no cape I could have appreciated the distance between us.
    Here are some pics.
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