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Thread: Problem Profile Interface ( Team button )

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    Problem Profile Interface ( Team button )


    I have a Problem, I cannot click on the Team button inside my profile ( and yes I am in a Team ).
    You guys know anything about this problem and why I cannot click on the Team button ?

    Is it possible to fix this Problem ?
    Nickname: Tass ツ or TassadarNT

    Team pic.jpgteam.jpg
    Thank you and best Regards,

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    Any info, idear or Help from someone ?

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    Up ....
    Seems to me that nobody cares....

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    En Taro Adun, Tassadar.

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    Well, first comes into my mind is that your connection steam servers is somewhat bad.

    To refresh certain lines of code that are listed in ClientRegistry.blob, you'll need to remove it.

    Here's how you find it and how you proceed.

    Stop steam.exe, either from right side of taskbar, Right clicking steam icon and exiting steam or you can CTRL + SHIFT + ESC (access task control panel) selecting "process" tab and killing "steam.exe" process.

    Then navigate to your steam folder, where you find ClientRegistry.blob. If you are unwilling to remove it, if you doubt that I'm lying then just rename it or move it to another folder.

    Now restart steam, start dota 2 and see if that helped.

    Here is source
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