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Thread: [IN-GAME CHAT SUGGESTIONS] A few in-game chat improvements

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    [IN-GAME CHAT SUGGESTIONS] A few in-game chat improvements

    Sorry, if I'm posting this in the wrong category but follow-up suggestions are related to the chat but in-game

    1. Make a "party" chat in-game. Right now we have only Allies/ALL chat. But if you're stacking with someone and can't use voice chat it can be pretty annoying to communicate within party because you have to either chat via Steam thus using Shift+Tab overlay which is distracting or chat via main menu "Party" chat room which is also annoying and distracting. Adding a "Party" chat in-game would ease the communication between party members without voice chat. Also can be useful if you want to talk to your party in different language than English and this won't distract your teammates. Since "Shift+Enter" is for ALL chat, I suggest using "CTRL+Enter" for party chat (I don't think ctrl+enter is used in Dota2). I've seen a couple of suggestions like this one but all of them were ignored. Seems like I will have to post on r/dota2 subreddit to get this suggestion to the dev team.
    2. Make rune-pinging more specific. What I mean is when you ping on rune right now you see a chat message like "Regeneration Rune here". But it would be more comfortable to see/read the exact location of the rune, like ping on top rune and chat message will be like "Regeneration Rune top". That way you will know where the rune is without looking at the minimap pings which you can easily miss but the chat is right there centered on your screen. This message should be more informative than its current state with simple "N rune here".

    If it's posted in the wrong thread, please move this to the thread where it should've been posted. Thanks.
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