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Thread: Got Abandon during game

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    Got Abandon during game

    Suddenly during our ranked match 2 people got marked as dc'ed also we were still in the game. after 10 seconds it was written that we abandoned the game. Both of us got our money split to the 3 others and we couldn't do anything.

    Volvo please fix and keep ur abandon and fix the rating! Don't wanna loose points for that bug...

    Match ID: 457379423
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    Same thing happened to me. Also note that I was unable to gain gold after this, perhaps all my gold was continuously distributed to the other players.
    MatchID: .............. 457356351
    Time Of Incident: ... About 4:25 into the game.
    Server: ................ EU West
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    Same thing happened to me.
    MatchID: 457517255

    The thing that happened for me was:
    I was just farming and then suddenly it said Zer0<Problem> has abandoned the game.


    that's about 5-6 seconds before it happens
    if you look at player perspective you will see I wasn't AFK or something.
    at 15:30 the red text saying I gained abandonment and I were still in-game and playing.

    It's kind of annoying considering all my abandonments are from technical issues, (windows update, bluescreen, dota keeps crashing, DCs because of bad internet)
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    I had this also today for me and the treant on the other team, as well as 3 games where I was winning and got random disconnects.

    I am annoyed that win rate and getting an abandon, Volvo pls fix.

    MatchID : 457497417

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    I've seen this too. MatchID: 454861408

    Pudge got an Abbandon but was still playing.

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    I can't check anything but are you sure all of you still got Exp while in game?

    Cause current afk detection system works with Exp ; no exp for 5 min = abandon

    Still your cases might not related to this
    My English is not great and i know it

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    I am sure I still got exp, I were laning while it happened.

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    Same trouble happened during one of my games.

    Match ID : 456022044
    The game stopped suddenly and i got abandon. I precise that All players were kicked from the game.
    The replay stops exactly at this moment.

    Due to this "virtual" abandon, i was put in LPQ and probably lost pts in ranking.

    Plz implement something to check if all players are disconnected from a game at the same time.
    It seems not so hard....

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    This happened to me again and I got placed in low priority.

    this needs to be fixed....

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