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Thread: Counter picking

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    Quote Originally Posted by BN_Darkness View Post
    You can ez kill your counter if you outplay him

    No hero is the bane of the other
    While if you are that much better then the other player, then yes you can most likely outplay then even given a disadvantage on paper

    But to say no hero is the bane of any other hero is completely incorrect, some heroes can just get completely shut down and hard countered 1v1 or even in team fights, but that's where you have to recognize this and play accordingly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raspharus View Post
    Where can i found a good site(or guide) with counterpicks for dota 2? I searched on google but what i've seen doens't seem reliable.
    You shouldnt waste your time on this, if you just blindly select a hero from a list that counters X hero without having any idea why or how it counters it....then its still pretty much pointless and useless
    Also, are you gonna remember ALL the heros that counter ALL the heros? Or are you gonna go trough the list for every single player of the enemy team before picking? or are you just gonna pick a random enemy and say "Ill counter this bitch!"

    Thats not how picking and countering works, countering means:
    Seeing the overall weaknesses of the enemy team
    Seeing the overall weaknesses and NEEDS of your own team

    Say: If the enemies pick 1 very tanky hero and the rest are squishy, then you'd rather counter the squishy ones

    My recommendation is: Stick to a couple of heros while you learn the basics (Probably a range one, clinks is good and easy to use for noobs due to range, high speed and invi to escape) Then start playing with every hero you can, best way to learn how to own someone is to get owned by someone. If you fight Gyrocopter vs Puck: As gyro you'll realize puck can avoid your misile simply by shifting. However if you play puck and try to do that vs an experienced gyro, you'll see he only lvls missile lvl 1 to freak you out, make you shift and give him time to cast his ult and rocket barrage right on top of your head...and again, on the other side of the coin, an smart puck casts illusory orb before shifting so that he can escape away from your barrage and ult as soon as the shift is done (Which can screw you once or twice as gyro, but if you are smart next time you'll just cast your ult far back, to get him where the illusory orb will take him)

    So yeah...there's counters for the counters, and counters for the counters of the counters X) and thats only with 1v1 interactions. DotA is a lot about mindfuck and getting in the minds of your enemy to predict how he'll react to your actions so that you can counter them. This is not about Reading minds tho, its just seeing how a player reacts to certain things and then using that against them (Some players for example are easy to scare, if you go all rambo on them even if you have the disadvantage, it will make them freak out and start running, scoring you free hits)

    So...its GOOD to read guides, but I'd recommend reading individual guides of HEROS you are going to play, as well as basic guides (warding, pulling, lasthitting, etc) But I dont think a "Counter" list is a good idea...unless its just a general list of guidelines of how to counter.
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    Valve, How I'm I supposed to respect certain boundaries to prevent a mute if I dont know them because they are different for each and every person on each and every game I play?
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    I solved this by creating my own counter picker:

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