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Thread: New Master Cache File Prevents Custom Sound Use

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    Arrow New Master Cache File Prevents Custom Sound Use

    (Sorry for my English, WIP)

    In the earlier versions of Source Engine, the sound cache would be gathered in the "_master.cache" file located in the /maps or /maps/soundcache folders. It sets the length, bitrate and frequency of the in-game sounds (these values are in the script files) so that they'd play correctly. However, as of recent times, the Dota 2 rendition of the file lost the little "_" at the beginning and got moved to the /sound folder (its features stayed the same).

    Back in the day, you would be able to do several things with it that you no longer can - for instance, it would reform itself if you deleted it, using the scripts and files from the .vpk archives for reference (if none were found, the game folder would be searched). Typing in snd_rebuildaudiocache in console would do the same, and snd_updateaudiocache would rebuild any new or recently changed files. Now, with -override_vpk it was possible to use files of your own without deleting the .vpk folders, and if you would rebuild or update the soundcache in any way, the user files would be preserved and given priority in rebuilding or updating. Basically, if you made a properly tagged and labeled sound and put it in the correct directory, then after rebuilding or updating the soundcache it would go on to be played in-game, preserving its custom length and quality.

    However, as said before, now the system has been altered, the soundcache now being directed to the "sound.cache" file in the /sounds folder (it is normally used for Source mod sound cache;; there's also one in the Wraith Night directory over at addons/frostivus/sound). Ever since the release of LC, master.cache has been lying abandoned in the same folder by the devs and unused, and it's no longer possible to do most of what has been described above. Deleting sound.cache leads to it being restored with no account of the .vpk files, the same goes for snd_rebuildaudiocache; snd_updateaudiocache does the exact opposite.

    What it all boils down to is that it is no longer possible to use sound mods for Dota 2. Would be good to know if there's a way to go around it, and if not - see if Valve's attention can be brought to it.
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    On top of what OP has mentioned, snd_rebuildaudiocache is now actually bugged. Running the command, quitting, and starting the game again causes all game sounds except for Hero and Announcer voices to break, causing this error message:
    S_StartSound: Failed to load sound 'ui\menu\highlight_top.wav', file probably missing from disk/repository
    The name and path of the "missing" file varies based on what sound tried to play, of course.

    You must delete the sound.cache and master.cache files, then either replace them with backups or verify the game cache through Steam to redownload them. This is not something that occured before this update and is obviously something that shouldn't be happening at all. Reading a few other threads around here, it seems it may even be affecting people who haven't run the command manually. I too am searching for a possible workaround (I doubt it exists), and hope that Valve will actually fix it.

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    Bump. Almost 5 month, geez.

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    Alright, so I've quickly made this: [link removed by mod]

    What it does: manually updates 'sound.cache' (so you have to run this every time you change/add a new sound or a new patch is rolled).
    Limitations: works only with WAVs (I didn't bother adding support for anything besides 16-bit ones, since DotA 2 doesn't seem to support any other WAVs).

    How to use:
    0) Go to 'dota 2 beta\dota\sound'
    1) Make a copy of default 'sound.cache' named 'sound.cache_master'
    2) Drop exe into that folder
    3) Run
    4) Wait for it to display updated/skipped stats
    5) Close
    6) Enjoy!
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    The removed version had a nasty bug (forgot to force 1-byte alignment, whoops) and bugged looped sounds (making them play only once), but I've fixed this. Sadly moderators doesn't seem to like custom sound mods :C
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    Of course they remove exe.

    I could tell you to download my exe promising you some neat stuff while it would infact go to your Steam client and tell it to transfer all your items to my account.
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    Version with complete WAV support (at least I think so, testing didn't bring up anything): sampler loops / cue points (markers) etc.
    There's VT link now (sorry, forgot about it last time).
    YT Demo & links:

    [link removed by mod. Please dont post links to unknown exe files in here]

    Peace at last.
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    Jesus. Why do you upload an exe again?

    It is far simpler to just give steps. E.g. drop this wav file there and there put override_vpk into launch options. Instead you make an exe which people still cannot tell if it is legit or not.

    The virustotal link is irrelevant since most people won't be able to tell which file it is referring to and most important of all most virus detectors don't detect that as malicious code.
    That exe could tell your Steam client to trade with an alternate account of yours and it still wouldn't be detected by any of the virus detectors.
    Or your exe could be modyfing dll's from the dota 2 client which will get you VAC banned etc.
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    You can't just 'drop this wave there'. Well, technically you can, but it has to match the original file in terms of sample count & format. You can't have an arbitrary length WAV file with custom looping. You're bound by the original due to broken 'snd_updateaudiocache'. What I was offering is a 'sound.cache' patcher, so you would be able to customize the sounds the way you want.

    I can't force you to disassemble the tool to make yourself sure that it's harmless and I don't think that you care anyway, since it's much easier to accuse me of producing virus code. Why do even reply?

    Hope Valve is going to fix this before TI8.

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    Nice try NSA
    Why the hell is this not fixed? Why is the only fix in this thread being silenced by mods? This is ruining my sound mods.

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