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Thread: Another Acess to match denied post

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    Another Acess to match denied post

    IT's not a tournament game. And I'm the caster / The creator of this lobby. However when the game finished i cant find away to watch it again. As I filter by match ID, Acess to match denied. Even when i contact the teams who played the match and got the replay's local file, I cant watch the game ( Acess to match denied again)
    Those matches was 462927605 and 462997281

    Also, someone just like me, more than 7 months and no fix, no answer?

    Now that's confusing, valve

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    I understand your frustration man. I also started casting some local tournaments and wanted to watch replay to see where I can improve, but could not view it because of the error.

    The only way to do so currently is to get the replay from someone, and place it in the dota 2 beta/dota/replays folder. Then typing "playdemo replays/demoname.dem" in the console.

    Really hope they rework the access for casters for private lobby games.

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