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Thread: Crash after new patch

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    solution is to untick legacy before searching for game, then u can change back to legacy once ur in game must restart hotkeys setting apparently it is fixing this issue somehow

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conan4 View Post
    Ofc, i am not a lolfag
    Stop using them then.

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    I kinda have the same problem. Since the last update, 9th Jan., I can't launch Dota 2 anymore(I can launch Dota 2 Test though).
    I click PLAY and it says that its installing something, it takes only a couple of seconds though, after that I get the valve's video with the guy with a steam on his neck and after that Dota 2 is loading for a couple and seconds and it crashes with the crash saying: Error Engine Could not load game library

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    The "update" has 0 bytes

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    i didnt know why but uncheck legacy key working for me @_@

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    guys just some info, i had a crash problem before then i disable all the video setting options (ambient, light map, anti alias, etc) then it doesn't crash anymore. hope it helps

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    4 crashes now (within 10min in same game) since latest patch (26MB or something)

    EDIT: New patch came literally 10 seconds ago and I don't know if it fixed the mass crashes or not but here's to trying
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    I have SLI on my system usually it will top 60fps on dota2 and now it just ~20fps after the update. wth valve ?
    yeah and i have to reset my hotkey everytime it start a game and then change it back otherwise it will crash too

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