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Thread: High ping when spectating Live Games

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    High ping when spectating Live Games

    Whenever I spectate a live game I start to get a really high ping, like 400+. Missing tower projectiles, spells particles and whatnot... It is not my internet connection because it does not happen when I play a game, so I think it is some kind of bug. Anyone else having the same issue?

    Here's a screenshot when I spectating the first match on the Live Games tab.

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    half of the games i spec, im at 500ms. It used to be fine couple of months ago

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    I don't know how to check my ping whilst spectating, but there is massive amounts of stutter, particles out of place and remnants of spells. Kills happen out of sync with the spells and games are generally unwatchable.

    This just started happening the other day. Seems to be linked to the massive problems they are talking about with this patch over on Reddit.

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