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Thread: Disruptor kinetic field makes whole screen go blue

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    Oct 2013
    I have the same thing. My screen goes light blue and my game gets all laggy. Everytime there is a disruptor in the game it's gg.

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    It's kinda sad that admins don't look at bug threads. This has been going on for almost a month now, and it's making any game with disruptor in it unplayable.

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    Hey so just to update you guys, I've fixed the problem for me. I found out that my videocard was a little out of date, I've updated to the latest version and everything is back to normal. Good luck!

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    Same problem here. Just tried to update my videocard driver, but it's already up to date... Fuck that. Imma try smth else.

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    Apr 2013

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    Same problem too disruptor.png

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    This happens to me too. I tried reinstalling dota and updating my drivers, nothing works.

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    Which videocard are you using?

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    same here (intel HD 4000)

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    Yeah this happens even when we were playing bot games. The screen goes all blue and flashing that goes all the way across the screen.

    Very unpleasing to the eye. Please fix.

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