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Thread: Serverregion locks

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    Serverregion locks

    The main aspect of DotA 2 is supposed to be "Teamwork".
    Playing with a Team, working like a machine and lead to Victory.
    To complete this target it is (in the most times) necessary to communicate
    with your Team and discuss future Initiations and Ganks and Game stuff.
    First of all,
    I don't want to make racist remarks against foreign
    languages or foreign countries.
    Maybe some of you remember the little checkbox in the searching Menu where you
    could select the languages you are able to speak or prefer?
    Or could you remember somebody saying to you that you should search at Server Regions
    next to you to avoide problems with your connection?
    Well it seems like most of you can!
    But there are always the people you will get to play with who can not speak
    the language you selectet or live somewhere at the end of the World and still searched at your
    nearby Server Region.
    But why is there an Option to select "Prefered Language" or "Server Region"?
    Mabye to leave the User in trust that there is some string in the code who changes your
    searching style if you select a different language?
    Well the Point after all this prequel is that I mostly play
    solo to (theoretical) increase my winning chance by playing with people at my "skill" rank
    but can not do so because my Team is (mostly but not everytime, even I win a game sometimes)
    influated with Russian or Turkish accent (well I have not met Asians or Chinese yet) or their
    language (writing) style.
    They can not speak english (or at least do not take use of it) and I would bet my Home that they
    do not live in my Server Region (West Europa)...
    I do not wan't to say that they can not play DotA, but they can not talk to me which do not help me
    with my game.

    Why is there the Option to select a Server Region?
    Why is Valve giving the User (theoretical) the option to decrease the ping?

    Wouldn't it be better to (kindly say) force the user to search at the nearest Server Region?
    Wouldn't it be better for the "community" or the players feelings?

    You can kindly leave your opinion in the comments.
    You can report me for being a racist or give me your tips or
    hints to put into this thread.
    I accept positive and negative feedback, because both would be feedback.


    the Red $hanks

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