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Thread: Matchmaking "game ready" sound

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    Matchmaking "game ready" sound

    There should be a clear sound, noticeable outside of dota 2, when matchmaking put you in a match.
    For example if you use ATL TAB.

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    This is coming. It will also flash the Dota 2 window and task bar icon when matchmaking is ready.

    Also, the option for "background sound" is reversed in the game options right now. I've got a fix for that with our next update. I'm wondering if Dota 2 should default to On for background sound, i.e. the sound doesn't turn off if you alt-tab away.

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    Sounds great. And yes I think it should be "on" by default. I dont even can estimate a scenario in which someone will change it to off.
    Would be also great to have an option to import your own sound for the "ready for game", or different choices of sounds.

    Like a drill commander shouting at you for getting ready for battle
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    Would indeed make it easier to stay alt tabbed instead of checking every 20ish seconds to check if you got a game, good addition

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    Will you hear it even if u're tabbed out?

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    Yes, that's what Zoid explained.

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