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Thread: [Suggestion] Channels in the game

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    [Suggestion] Channels in the game

    My suggestion is separated in two:

    The first

    We have section for regional channels in the game, but there is nothing. I want to suggest to add regional channels to improve communication between players in the game. For example I am from Bulgaria and in my Steam group for Dota 2 I have players that doesn't know for our channel Bulgaria in the game. They don't know for it and they asked me where can find other Bulgarians to play with. I told them the name of the channel and they are in it now. In my opinion if you add regional channels to be selected when you run the game will help people to communicate between.

    I suggest to each regional channel to be added administrator which can announce the availability of local tournaments in this country. This will improve the competitive Dota 2 scene, because we can make more tournaments with big prizes and the players will form teams and join in our tournaments. We can find more talented teams and players in that way.

    The second

    We have a new protocol link for viewing CS:GO weapons in-game "steam://rungame/730/76561202255233023/+csgo_econ_action_preview%20E7FFFDC772E6CFE6D7E3DF 32457611E4A72BE40F3D15D8". Why we don't have this for Dota 2 channels or items?

    steam://rungame/570/channel/154178513572 ("154178513572" will be Channel ID)

    In this way many Dota 2-related organizations like DotaCinema, DOTA TALK, JoinDota, etc. will create their own channels and will promote it to their communities.

    You can provide API for the community channels that can give us the channel name and members in it, so we can put that info in a dynamic picture or on our websites with Steam link to join in this channel.
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