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Thread: [Confirmed] Spirit Breaker's Charge of Darkness didn't give visual

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    [Confirmed] Spirit Breaker's Charge of Darkness didn't give visual

    Match ID: 484502333
    I was playing on Dire with Spirit Breaker. I just the enemy Rubick in the jungle near the bottom lane. Our Pudge killed Rubick so CoD jumped to the nearest target - a creep in the "green" camp. I gained no visual of the area around the creep, nor of the creep itself. Neither did Pudge or the rest of the team.

    Repro Steps:
    -charge someone near a creep camp
    -let the target get killed

    CoD will jump to the nearest target and won't grant you any vision.

    Expected Result:
    The Charge of Darkness should grant you and your teammates vision, even if it switches targets.

    Picture 1: Rubick getting charged
    Picture 2: CoD switching target to creep
    Picture 3: Charging creep, no visual
    Picture 4: Creep right after being hit by my charge
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    Another case of not gaining vision from spells when neutrals are targeted. Probably because they don't have own vision, so "shared vision" results in no vision.
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