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Thread: [C]Activating Primal Split doesn't change selection spirits

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    [C]Activating Primal Split doesn't change selection spirits

    It left me stuck as Voidwalker and I had to manually click a spirit to use it. It wouldn't let me tab into the spirit or anything.

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    Confirmed, please fix it

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    I found another bug with Primal Split. If you cast an ability just some moments before your Primal Split ends, right after you waste your unsplitted ability.

    In my case I had Furion and I picked the teleport as first ability (Q), and I had Primal Split. Everytime I casted Hurl Boulder on an enemy hero some moments before Primal Split ended, then after becoming Furion again I would instead teleport in the same place where the enemy hero was when I casted Hurl Boulder on him. Using a Brewmaster this never happened to me before, every time I casted Hurl Boulder but my Primal Split abruptly ended, my hero never did a Thunder Clap after merging into one.

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