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Thread: Ability Draft Bug List

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    - Elder titan spirit bug still in ad for years already. Can't be so hard to fix that in 2 years, can it?
    - still the 3 heroes with dual ults (which pretty much kills the mode if those heroes are in the draft)

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    I did the mistake of not researching how buggy dota2 was, before I played an ability draft mode and bet 250 points on our victory. Two of the enemy players had two ultimates each. The match was horribly one-sided.

    It's not a good feeling to pay money for stuff in the dota2 store and then lose it due to bugs.

    If the ability draft is horribly bugged the way it is right now, remove it from the game until you managed to fix it. Don't have people waste their money because of yours bugs.

    If I go to a restaurant, order good food and am served a brick and some dirt from the backyard, I can refuse to pay and leave. If I buy a battlepass in DOTA2 and lose battle points due to bugs, I can only say "thank you sir, may I have another?" and accept that it is the way it is.

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    Match ID 3203091675
    Match Date 5/25/17 7:58PM GMT+8

    Treant Protector AND Elder Titan have TWO ULTIMATES. They both chose ultimates from the draft, but also have ultimates from their original hero.

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    Exclamation Night Stalker Ultimate (Darkness) Doesn't Upgrade with Aghanims on other heroes.

    Darkness doesn't grant unobstructed vision with Aghanims Scepter.

    Demo - Match ID : 3212373802

    Played as Spirit Breaker

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    Hey i have a problem with Astral Spirit (Elder Titan's ability) : it happens 2 time on 2 different ability draft, i choose Astral Spirit. After i've used my astral spirit on a ennemi, i die, and when i resurrect i had the ability return astral spirit but it doesn't work... If i use Astral Spirit normaly it works... it's just when i die and the astral spirit is not "in me" i can not use it anymore :/ it destroy my game and build 2 times so please correct this bug! Thanks

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    Volvo managed to not fix the double ulti issue on Treant, Zeus and ET BUT give Ursa the same bug too. Now we have at least 4 Heroes with 2 ults from my knowledge. Maybe there are even more now...

    Edit: So I played some more games and the double Ults I know of and am able to confirm now are

    - Ursa
    - Gyro
    - Lifestealer
    - Treant
    - Nyx
    - Elder titan got fixed

    Hey good trade I guess. 1 fixed and at least 4 more added xD
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    If you chose "Homing Missile" from Gyrocopter on an other Hero you cant use them. You get only a Message"no charge available"

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