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Thread: Ability Draft Bug List

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    Fiery Soul is procced by split shot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoboreclaimer View Post
    I don't know if this is a "bug", but my friend recieved an abandon for sitting in well with his "Arty strat". He picked Re-arm and clockwerk rockets. He was getting kills (like, multikills) however this did not stop him from abandoning because he was not recieveing the experience for them. So now hes in LP queue. An easy fix seemingly would be to allow getting kills as a substitute for base xp atleast in AD. Match i.d. : 497689520 497689520
    If you have ever played this game called Dota2 you should know that if you dont get XP for 5min you get abandon.
    Yes I played once too rearm treant heal and was healing my team from my base but I had to go kill some creep every now and then to not get abandon.

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    1.Batrider gets flying vision when he chooses Broodmother web
    2.Melee Hero's doesnt get luna glaives bounus (for me i was clockwerk n choosed luna glaives ) n didnt get any bounses and there was visual bug of glaives all over the map
    3.OD essence aura was triggered by Toggling spell like medusa mana shield (that was very funny game )

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    Using an orb skill on a melee hero (like silencer's glaives) stacks with ursa's fury swipes passive. They're both unique attack modifiers and say that they shouldn't stack with anything else, so I think this is a bug?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spacebear View Post
    Not sure if this has been reported yet but Elder Titan's Astral Spirit doesn't seem to work properly on any other heroes. The sub-ability to return the astral spirit is completely disabled which heavily impacts the usefulness of the ability. On a side note I'm not sure if I was just imagining things but it seemed like I wasn't gaining any benefit from when it returned automatically either, as in no bonus damage or movement speed.
    I've also noticed the return spirit ability doesn't toggle after casting astral spirit, the attack and movement speed buffs were noted to work with the latest patch as of 3/15/2014

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoveringmover View Post
    Actually, in the old game, it was linked to Hunter in the Night. So technically it is a bug, but it has been present in Dota 2 long before AD and is quite minor. Of course, it's not a bug for the reason he thought it was.
    Silencer has a hidden ability, this is different. Hunter in the Night not getting the Aghanim's Scepter Upgrade is a bug.
    The upgrade is not supposed to be part of an ever-present ability nor is it supposed to be part of Darkness as many players seem to think.That is misinformation. In the original game, Hunter in the Night is what is upgraded, not Darkness.
    in my last ability draft game i got weaver and picked the spells hunter in the night. lunar Blessing, void and darkness. When i bought Aghas i still dont got the "flying unit Vision" like balanar does when he buys scepter. This MUST be a bug and is pretty annyoing...
    so the Agha effect is bound to balanars model, not his ulti or other spells.
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    not sure if anyone else have the same prob. just that orb effect or unique attack modifier doesnt work on illusion. i got illusion from mirror image(naga siren) and juxtapose(phantom lancer) and even with phantasm (chaos knight). this is the match ID : 579513140.

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    What orb didn't work for you exactly?

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    I bought the diffusal blade, so it should have feedback/mana burn orb effect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jan2011 View Post
    yeh sure so i can remove int stolen from the list as well as grow! ? I think, aga upgrades as well as initial spells should be stuck to the hero with the spell.
    I agree with you, Aghs should only be for upgrading ults, ns and tinker are exceptions.

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