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Thread: Humble requests on behalf of the AD community

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    Humble requests on behalf of the AD community

    Would there be any way possible to add a few heroes back to AD that were once in there? I don't think it would be too difficult nor require that many man hours to add them back in there. The heroes I am referring to are Tusk, Timbersaw & Vengeful Spirit. I am pretty sure those heroes would have no issues being part of the draft again, just remove the Aghs buffs that Tusk & Timber get so another skill slot is not required. There would be a lot of happy people out there if you were able to help us out with this, any response would be greatly appreciated! Thanks much in advance,


    P.S. - Please reply to this & add your thoughts if you would like to see this come to light.

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    Out of all the crappy things in AD, you're worried about bringing back heroes that they removed from AD? If valve cared about AD (Which they obviously don't), they should prioritize fixing the stuff that is literally game-breaking like the 6 heroes that get their own ultimate for free plus the ultimate that they draft. Cause re-arm + thundergod's wrath is always fun... *cough cough* They should also prioritize fixing mechanics that make sense for regular dota but are really cheap in AD such as faceless void always being able to walk in chronosphere... it makes sense in regular dota cause void and an enemy rubick can have chronosphere, so this mechanic exists so that void can still walk inside enemy rubick chronos. But in AD it just means the enemy void gets to walk in your chrono for free or two people on the same team can both use chrono. Also silencer's int steal should either be removed entirely from AD or be attached to glaives of wisdom, retroactively like pudge's flesh heap. Those are some of the worst, but there's lots more I could go on and on about.

    Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see those heroes and their abilities be added back into AD. But if valve was going to do anything to improve AD, they should start with fixing the major bugs and issues. Then add those heroes.

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