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Thread: Fiery soul [Lina Passive] still activated by toggles

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    Fiery soul [Lina Passive] still activated by toggles

    I just played a match of Ability Draft where I was Lina. I decided to check out if toggles worked on Fiery Soul passive. It actually did activate Fiery Soul. It was quite broken. I am pretty sure that this is not how fiery soul should be working, or is it working as intended? If so, then Impetus + Fiery soul + any god forsaken toggle is the best combo right now imo.

    Also, I know the toggles issue has probably been discussed here before, but I do not see the thread anywhere. Or was it discussed in Reddit?

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    Watched icex3's stream earlier today and he was having a lot of fun with rot/fiery soul as a pudge. It was pretty hilarious seeing a perma-hasted pudge with near-maxed attack speed.

    I think static field and aftershock got nerfed, but AFAIK, toggling skills still work for warpath, fiery soul and overload.

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