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Thread: [C]Unrefined Fireblast does not mention mana cost, aghs does not provide details

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    [C]Unrefined Fireblast does not mention mana cost, aghs does not provide details

    60% of mana not mentioned

    mana cost does not update on icon, it always uses 60% of max rather than current

    aghs does not provide any information further than 'adds unrefined fireblast ability'

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    Confirmed. Added

    It is not 60% max mana. It just not dynamically updated. If you switch between units it will update it self

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    I don't think dynamic update on skill icon mana cost text is necessary. The simpler solution would be to have no mana cost on the icon and, instead, mention in Unrefined Fireblast tooltip that 60% of Ogre Magi's current mana is spent.

    This should fulfill the purposes of skill icon mana cost text because, like other spells with no mana cost (e.g. Slardar's Sprint), it's impossible to not have enough mana for Unrefined Fireblast. Also, for most people who like to do some mental in-game mana cost calculations, it's faster to just estimate 60% than subtract some random number.

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    ^Or just do both.. Show mana cost and add note that it's 60% of current pool. Knowing how much mana exactly it will use is useful, since you have 3 other spells which use fixed mana.
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