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Thread: battle point booster, lasting 0 minutes

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    battle point booster, lasting 0 minutes

    got a battlepoint booster from a chest, and after activating it i hoped into a game, and after the game it said "battle point booster expired" i got no bonus in the game, i don't know if its just me or if other people had it aswell...

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    just had the same issue. got the battlepoint booster from a new bloom chest and after i activated it, it showed 0 mins remaining and was gone right away.

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    hey guys.
    i got same problem, wrote battlepoint booster in search and saw your post. how did you solve it? i sended message to steam support and they advised me this forum.
    thank you

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    Use this item to increase the rate at which you earn Battle Points by 50% for a single match.

    I dont think the booster can see into the future how long will your match last.

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    yep...but wat does that have to do with a no possibility of item usage?

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    i got a 500 min BOOSTTER in a treasure...iam supose to be able to use it....and i couldn do even one game

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