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Thread: [Fixed] You can share wards with yourself

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    [Fixed] You can share wards with yourself

    this makes it difficult to place a ward on a cliff if you're standing on it

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    I think they should solve the whole thing by making wards shareable in the same way they did it with bottle by pressing ctrl+hotkey.
    Its really hard to simply place a ward on the ground in fights and you end up giving it to an ally. Had this in a game with Terror Blade and PL in the own team. try finding a spot to place dat on the ground without needing to move some place first. Really annoying.

    Anways, I hope they'll solve it somehow b.c. having the same way to place the ward and to give it to an ally is not well solved in usability sight.

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    This is a BIG gameplay bug/issue because I've had many games where I was using sentry games in teamfights -- something I like to do vs Mirana ults especially. Anyways I screw up on the teamfights now due to the sharing because I 'share' one with myself and put the wards on cooldown during the teamfight!! Timing is crucial here folks, I can't be fiddling around with my wards this much. Thanks

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    It isn't anywhere near as frustrating as trying and failing to click on the ground for your ultimate as Queen of Pain.
    Yes, you basically have to move aside to be able to plant a ward. Annoying, and time-consuming, but it doesn't compare to blowing a lot of mana and waiting for the ultimate to be ready again.

    This wouldn't even be an issue if it weren't for the bad targeting mechanics of the game where a slow mouse movement speed is forgiven far too easily and clicking near a unit is considered as clicking on the unit.
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    I'll mark this one as fixed. I'm pretty sure you can still give them to yourself, but since it needs CTRL, it's very unlikely to happen again.
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