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Thread: [Confirmed] Rubick in Flesh Golem form doesn't transform back upon death

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    [Confirmed] Rubick in Flesh Golem form doesn't transform back upon death

    He should lose the transformation buff when dying, just like how he loses every other transformation upon death, and just like how Undying himself loses it when he dies.
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    Did they fix the hitbox permanently going south upon this?

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    Rubick totally Unclickable after this.. but some of my teammates can click him.

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    Rubick's Flesh golem is not removed by death

    When dying as Rubick in stolen Flesh golem form, buff is not dispelled by death, allowing you to stay in Flesh golem form even after buyback, until the buff runs out. This happens at least in Source 1.

    • Enter lobby with cheats enabled as Rubick and create an enemy Undying.
    • Level up both heroes at least to lvl 6 and steal Undying's ultimate.
    • Kill Rubick when he is in Flesh golem form. You'll see that buff is still present. Image
    • Buyback or -respawn Rubick. He will remain in Flesh golem form for it's remaining duration.

    Flesh golem should be lost at the moment when Rubick dies.

    edit: Reborn didn't fix this.
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