I still have an unused Team Player item in my inventory from TI3; the one from the compendium where you had to collect them and fill in a whole team to upgrade a courier. So today I tried to right-click on it and see what the available options were. One of them was "Watch Replay". Strange, I thought. So I clicked on that and it brought up a match: 150276199. But when I tried to click the X in the top right to close that match replay window it refuses to stay closed. Meanwhile, the download replay progress bar is running and each time I click the X, the match view re-opens.

When you try to go to any of the other menus (PLay, Watch, Library, etc), it doesn't work. The menu just reverts to the match replay. The only other action that works correctly is viewing players' Dota 2 profiles (and obviously the Steam profiles). Also, when you spectate a game from someone in your friend list, the menu will not disappear. Clicking the down arrow to hide it and watch the game doesn't work.

After the replay download finished it automatically loaded the match and the interface resumed function as expected. There should be a better visual indicator or a way to CANCEL the action when one clicks the "Watch Replay" drop-down. Also, what replay is this? Why is it associated with a particular match? How is that match chosen?