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Thread: Weird and very annoying issue since 6.80 with Dota 2

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    Weird and very annoying issue since 6.80 with Dota 2

    Note: This thread is already posted on the technical issues section, but I've gotten no reply in a few days.

    Hi, and first of all thank You for your time in advance.
    Since 6.80 i cannot send private message or invite anyone of my friends through the game client. My friends can send me invites just fine, but when i send a party invitation it just shows me "pending" and they are not notified at all ingame, only in the steam client, but even then they cannot join. If they start a private chat message we can chat through steam just fine.
    Finally when they give me an invite and i accept we find ourselfs in a normal party but whatever i type noone sees it, as well as the ingame voice chat - noone of my party hears it( i can hear and see what they say normally) and thats only from the friends lists... Everyone else in the chat rooms or ingame hears my voice fine and sees what i type...
    I logged on my smurf account and there is no such issue.

    English is not a native language, if you need any clarification at all, just lemme know, thank You.

    P.S. On the playdota forum they suggested that i may have the "enable steam community in-game" option disabled and i need to reenable it, checked, it was enabled all the time.

    I also used the "verify integrity of game cache" option, nothing changed.

    Could anyone suggest where should i post this or who should i turn to for assistance?
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