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Thread: UGC Files

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    UGC Files

    Are these API calls broken at the moment? I am not able to access any of the files with the method described here.

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    Example calls if anyone else wants to try:

    Get a UGC:<key>

    Navi logo: 920110421043409228<key>&appid=570&ugcid=920110421043409228

    "data": {
    "filename": "teams/team_logo_1343406470",
    "url": "",
    "size": 26332

    Attempted : Fail.

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    try this:

    the 'filename' is the name of the file that you will be getting back from that url.
    i.e. they've configured the server correctly, so when you open that in your browser, your browser downloads the file and calls it "team_logo_1343406470"


    - the file type is not specified, but valve usually runs with PNG so this is a pretty safe assumption (browsers figure out the true type when they open the file anyways, so it doesn't matter really).

    - the trailing slash IS REQUIRED.
    i.e. will work will not work
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    Awesome, thanks!

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