Why can I not skip the tutorial? Seriously, absolutely no way to skip it? Hate to break this to ya but this ain't my first moba. I also have the best tutorial I could possibly get in my roommate who has played dota for god knows how long. I have played LoL for a year or better, I know things are a little different from LoL but hate to break it to ya mechanics are VERY similar. I'm not saying don't have a tutorial but have the option to skip it. I really doubt someone who has never played a video game before is going to start with Dota but stranger things have happened. Those people will need a tutorial, yes, but give the option for people like me to skip it. Ok well I'm going back to the game to learn fundamentals and.............. nah probably just let it auto play and go walk my dog. See if I can fail the tut by being afk.

I just went back thru the menu and all the settings to see if I could find a skip tutorial button just in case it is in the game and I missed it. Couldn't find it. If its there and I totally retarded (yea I know I am already) just let me know where that MFer is so when my other friends start they can skip it.