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Thread: Morph's Replicate location of creation is wrong

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    Morph's Replicate location of creation is wrong

    In DotA 1 Replicate is generated always infront and a bit offset of the target [188 units front & 48 units side which is about 194]

    In Dota 2 Replicate is located 108 units in certain cycle pattern [it starts with 0°, 90°, 180°, 270°, 360°, 90°, ....] (the cycle pattern keeps even when targeting a other unit)

    Edit: didnt know that there is a report already of imxtrabored which mentions this.
    im pretty sure that there are some other spells like wall of replica which kinda use the same dota 2 mechanic for this kind of illusion construction
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    Does Juxtapose contain this discrepancy as well? The Illusion Rune? Disruption?

    I believe I reported Conjure Image having this issue already.

    (Edit: these are the other spells that use hardcoded methods for Illusion placement that I found in a quick search. I could do a more exhaustive investigation later maybe.)

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    So does this go for every image spell?

    Juxtapose, illu rune, Disruption, Conjure Image, Wall of Replica, Haunt, Replicate?
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    Wall of Replica uses a trigger to attempt to move the created illusion to the same location (without offset) as the original unit. Haunt does the same with its targets.

    I did some more investigating.

    The hardcoded AIil ability appears to use its "Area" field to determine the distance from the original unit for which to attempt to create Illusions. It takes the angle and this "Area", then does something to the position it gets so that the output coordinates are both even integers, somewhere near the expected calculated position. The actual location is therefore based mostly on the expected location, but the distance will vary by like ~10%-20% or so.

    Juxtapose, Illusion Rune, Conjure Image, and Replicate have Area set to 200.
    Disruption has Area set to 0. What this does (I presume) is attempt to create the units on top of the Disrupted unit. These created Illusions are naturally shunted to the nearest space according to the Warcraft III algorithm for doing so, which seems to default to placing them to the South of the Disrupted units. Therefore, without obstructions, the Disrupted units in my tests tended to form a triangle with their Illusions, with the original unit forming the top corner and the Illusions forming the bottom two corners, regardless of original facing angle.

    The Illusions are always created facing the same angle as the original unit in these abilities.

    Probably maybe should delete my old thread and merge them into a generalized thread with these findings, maybe.

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