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Thread: Didn't get my flamesalt and jade ingnots!!!

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    Didn't get my flamesalt and jade ingnots!!!

    Hey Guys,
    Last night i played a game (MATCH ID 515877150 Feb 11 23:42 Captains Mode) it finished, and i didnt get any Ingnots nor Gifts, at the end of the game said: due to overwhelmed servers (or something in that sence), you will get the rewards later, but all my team mates got their rewards, i still dont got them, i also had Abundant Fortune Favor, 24 mins remaining before the game and i still have it... i wasted a lot of time playing but didnt get my rewards, take the favor give me the rewards

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    the same happend to me, i didn't got the gold jade or exp for the fight, and forther more, i should have lvl up but didn't since this bug.

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