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Thread: Ability to Remap all commands

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    Ability to Remap all commands

    There are currently certain commands that are bound to particular keys that cannot be remapped. The most obvious i can think of are pings. These are bound the the Alt key, without an alternative. It would be nice if all such keys were able to be remapped, allowing for much greater customisation, which for some people can be very important

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    "dotadev_bind" client - For development: Bind a key to in dota (ALT+key) allowed.
    ^ that's a start

    "dota_remap_alt_key" = "" client - Specify a key to use instead of the alt key in-game.
    Doesn't say it's a key... Maybe you could get something out of it. good luck

    "dotadev_unbind" client - For development: Unbind a key to in dota (ALT+key) allowed.

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