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Thread: Lucky enough

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    Lucky enough

    A while ago i was playing dota normally when that error appeared 2014-02-01_00001.jpg i gained mmr pts but no exp / jades / ingots.

    I kept on playing for like 3 days having the exact issue for like 20~25 games , after those games i was dropped in the low priority and then when i finished my lp games i gained exp.

    yesterday i played a game and after winning i did not gain any mmr pts and the same error popped after the game , i contacted steam but they didnt respond and completely ignored my ticket , so can any1 help me with that issue ?

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    you should get the points later without notice
    Quote Originally Posted by katsaroulhs View Post
    I see. You are on the reasons this game's community is considered "human waste".

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    It's known issue. I saw this for like 3-4 games, and almost 2 weeks after those games, I got all the exp and rewards I was supposed to get at once.

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