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Thread: Mask of Madness

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    The gong gong sound is perfect in my opinion.

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    Valve, When you activate Mask of Madness, you should Hire Trent Reznor to do a wicked Scream. The rage and madness swelling within you, should have a deep hateful scream of madness burst forth. GOD that would be F*ing ridiculously awesome.

    Trent Reznor IMO should do some voice's for this game, he does some great sounds for Quake and Doom

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    I think though, that it would be nice if the sound was customized for each hero, it shouldn't be too hard, probably just a day of working on the game should fix it for all heroes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lirlond View Post
    Just play one of the hero's laugh tracks.

    Enough difference for every hero, but still easily distinguishable as the trademark sound for MoM.

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    The gong is completely fine imo.

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