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Thread: [BUG] ROG‘s Dream League's team member

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    [BUG] ROG‘s Dream League's team member

    I've established my own Dream league and have a team.

    Then I found a better player to be my team member,so I dropped one and picked him,said that trade would be done next day,but the next day,bug come.

    I lose my all team members and can't have new.

    I went to steam support for some help,but failed,and they tell me I may find some help here.

    I added the pictures to let you know what happened to me.
    And the list blow is the conversation between steam support and I:

    Mon, 10th Mar 2014 9:59 pm
    You may reset duplicate members and a stuck draft,but my bug is still there.

    The only change is that the player of my Fantasy Leagues' like XBOCT who's once in my team now can be added by other competitor.

    But my team still owns nobody and can not add any player or drop any my blank player.

    So,could you please check it carefully,and find what happened to my team,and fix it quickly?

    The most disappoint thing isn't that you didn't fix it until today,that's you fixed it but my bug is still there and even worse(A fantastic player once in my team and never dropped now added by others.)

    7 客服技术人员 Khan 发表于 Tue, 11th Mar 2014 7:17 pm
    Hello XPQ,

    There is little Steam Support will be able to provide assistance with on the subject at the moment.

    Please visit the Dota 2 Dev Forums for bugs and feedback, found here:

    These forums are regularly read by Dota 2's development team.

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    no guys know why or just ignore my problem?

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