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Thread: Russian Community is destroying Dota 2.

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    Russian Community is destroying Dota 2.

    I'am not against Russian people in general but im sick and tired of ending up solo queing with 2-3 Russians on the team talking russian non-stop and if you tell them to atleast talk to you in english they simply say ''no'' and that's the only thing they will say in English.

    And fine they are allowed to speak russian ofc. but they simply just quit the game and play by themselves and the only form of communication that is working is pinging the map (Wich is barley happening)

    You should really find a way to fix this cause latley i've been the only English talking person 9 games in a row and im only queing up for English talking matches. The wining team is often the one with the best communication and im affraid that dosn't work with 3 people simply not being able to talk English.

    Aswell fix the Solo que so you don't end up in a group of 4 and up against 5 people cause that in my opinion ain't solo queing that's simply filling reservespots.

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