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Thread: Known Bug List 2.0

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    Already existing entries updated:

    1. Drunken Brawler's ensured crit gets lost when attack-canceling -- unchanged
    2. Drunken Brawler's ensured crit gets wasted upon attacking allies, buildings or wards -- unchanged
    3. Primal Split Spirits are selected in the wrong order when box-selecting them -- unchanged
    4. Brewmaster gets teleported by teleporting spells during Primal Split -- updated and cleaned up (new thread)
    5. Brewmaster can't access to his stash while Primal Split is active -- generalized for creep-heroes new thread)
    6. Storm's Wind Walk's backstab applies to every hit during the fade time without breaking the invisibility -- unchanged
    7. Earth element gets stuck when Primal Split finished splitting during forced movement -- unchanged
    8. When Primal Split ends during Walrus Punch/Kick, Brewmaster's facing angle is messed up -- unchanged
    9. Neutral creeps do not take Permanent Immolation damage when they are within range of 2 opposing sources -- removed, now takes damage from first source and switches when one source disappears
    10. Drunken Brawler ensured evasion does not work all -- removed, fixed

    New entries:
    1. Thunder Clap uses creep duration on creep-heroes, instead of hero duration (gameplay bug)
    2. Brewmaster does not re-appear exactly at Earth's location upon expiring (gameplay bug)
    3. Drunken Brawler's particle effects are not disabled by Break (visual bug)
    4. Add a custom HUD element showing the downtimes of Drunken Brawler (UI suggestion)
    5. Allow cooldown reductions to affect Drunken Brawler ensured crit/evasion (gameplay consistency/suggestion)
    6. Primal Split spirits' minimap icons don't disappear immediately on death (visual bug)
    7. Default weapon and default vest are missing backface (visual bug)
    8. Rubick does not get de-selected when casting Primal Split (gameplay bug)
    9. Make the 3 spirits use their despawn animations when expiring, instead of their death animations (visual suggestion)
    10. Enable the Primal Split spirits' minimap icons (visual suggestion)
    11. Make Break able to disable Earth's spell immunity (gameplay suggestion)
    12. Can't reflect some projectile spells back when the caster is spell immune (gameplay bug)
    13. Primal Split Earth uses Thunder Clap cast animation as death animation (visual bug)
    14. Storm Cyclone can be cast on Roshan, wasting mana/cd & causing audio bug (audio bug)
    15. Primal Split Storm Drunken Haze animation doesn't match the cast time and the projectile origin is not set (visual bug)
    16. Storm's minimap icon is broken, has its left ear cut off (visual bug)
    17. Make Storm Cyclone apply a basic dispel like how other Cyclones do (gameplay inconsistency/suggestion)
    18. Primal Split Fire's Permanent Immolation is not disabled by Break (gameplay bug)
    19. The Primal Split Fire element has lost its bracers (visual bug)
    20. The Red Dragon set's shoulder pieces are missing back face (cosmetic item bug)
    21. The Drunken Warlord set's backslot item is missing back face (cosmetic item bug)
    22. The Triumph of Four Corners set's scarf & shoulders are missing back face (cosmetic item bug)
    23. The Red Dragon Set shows its intern text string name in its description, instead of its actual item description (cosmetic item bug)
    24. Add death sound effects to the Earth, Storm and Fire (audio suggestion)
    25. Several fixes and additions to Brewmaster's ability & modifier tooltips (tooltip bugs/suggestions)
    26. Add dialog or other responses to the 3 Primal Split spirits (audio suggestion)
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    Already existing entries updated: None

    New entries:
    1. Viscous Nasal Goo's cast animation does not finish after reaching the cast point, instantly getting canceled (visual bug)
    2. Bristleback has no death body impact sound (audio bug)
    3. All of Bristleback's maces are clipping into the ground during his default idle and walk animations (visual bug)
    4. Bristleback's default item and model are missing some backfaces (visual bug)
    5. A part of Bristleback's lower jaw is glued to his upper jaw, so that it stretches while talking (visual bug)
    6. Viscous Nasal Goo's overhead counter on the target visually resets to 1 whenever losing and regaining vision over it (visual bug)
    7. Viscous Nasal Goo's projectile impact sound gets cut off when hitting more than 2 targets per cast (audio bug)
    8. Quill Spray reveals Bristleback's position through the fog of war (gameplay bug)
    9. Warpath stacks on illusions don't show their duration on the status buff, and appear like permanent buffs (visual bug)
    10. Warpath does not grant stacks to Bristleback's illusions when Bristleback himself already has max stacks (gameplay bug)
    11. Warpath doesn't grant stacks to illusions under Bristleback's control which aren't from Bristleback (gameplay bug)
    12. The Blastforge Exhaler is missing mouth sync (cosmetic item bug)
    13. The Blastforge Exhaler has its mouth completely glued together on the inside (cosmetic item bug)
    14. The Charge of the Wrathrunner set is missing some back faces (cosmetic item bug)
    15. The Debts of the Nightwatchman set is missing some back faces (cosmetic item bug)
    16. The Heavy Barbed Armor set is missing some back faces (cosmetic item bug)
    17. The Emerald Frenzy set is missing some back faces (cosmetic item bug)
    18. Rigwarl's Spiny Demeanor is missing back face (cosmetic item bug)
    19. Make Bristleback not work against fountains, like how it does not vs towers already (gameplay suggestion)
    20. Several fixes and additions to Bristleback's ability & modifier tooltips (tooltip bugs/suggestions)

    1. Scepter upgraded Viscous Nasal Goo targets spell immune enemies (gameplay bug)
    2. Bristleback damage loop caused by passive Quill Spray procs against Blade Mail (gameplay bug)
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    Already existing entries updated:
    1. Spin Web does not affect Broodmother or her spiders while invulnerable, so spells like Song of the Siren and Tornado reveal them -- removed
    2. Spin Web's custom "no charges" error message does not work, and shows "CUSTOM ERROR" instead -- unchanged
    3. Invisibility buffs don't stack, causing units to be revealed for a split second when having 2 sources of invisibility and one of them expires updated, added Glimmer Cape (new thread)

    New entries:
    1. Poison Sting uses the creep duration on creep-heroes, instead of the hero duration (gameplay bug)
    2. Poison Sting and Spawn Spiderite are not disabled by Break (gameplay bug)
    3. Insatiable Hunger's lifesteal can heal off of allies and wards, unlike other sources of lifesteal (gameplay bug)
    4. Poison Sting works against wards (gameplay bug)
    5. Destroy Spin Web ability disappears in the HUD when cast while having multiple webs selected (gameplay bug)
    6. Spin Web's search radius for the global cast range is too big, so that gaps can appear between the webs (gameplay bug)
    7. Spin Webs are difficult to see on some custom terrains (visual bug)
    8. Spiderling portraits always have 2 un-animated default spiderlings in the background, which clip with the portrait of the selected spider (visual bug)
    9. Spiderites are missing a unit icon, and appear therefore as black boxes in the kill card (visual bug)
    10. Broodmother's rare idle animation plays during injured phase (animation bug)
    11. Spin Webs are missing a portrait, so that their portrait is an empty grey box (visual bug)
    12. The status buff responsible for talent bonuses on Spiderlings/Spiderites is not hidden (visual bug)
    13. Spin Web's loop sound does not play for the 9th to 16th webs (audio bug)
    14. Spin Webs' loop sound have several issues upon destroying one web (audio bug)
    15. Insatiable Hunger's cast sound does not re-play upon recasting the spell while the previous cast is still active (audio bug)
    16. All of the custom Spiderlings and Spiderites are missing death sounds (cosmetic item bug)
    17. Lycosidae's Brood immortal item is missing injured idle, web idle anims (cosmetic item bug)
    18. Several custom Spiderlings do not have a portrait background (cosmetic item bug)
    19. Spiderling of the Glutton's Larder is typo'd as "Spidering" (cosmetic item bug)
    20. Make Spin Web create a field of free pathing, considered by path finder (gameplay suggestion)
    21. Make Spin Web destroy trees around Brood/Spiders upon leaving the map (gameplay suggestion)
    22. Make Spin Webs highlight their AoE upon selecting them or the spell (gameplay suggestion)
    23. Add a status buff indicator for Spin Web's fade time (UI suggestion)
    24. Add particle effects and sounds to the abilities of Spiderlings (visual & audio suggestion)
    25. Add sound effects to the attacks of Spiderlings and Spiderites (audio suggestion)
    26. Give the Spiderlings/Spiderites their own response rule files (audio suggestion)
    27. Suggestions for some unused responses of Broodmother (audio suggestion)
    28. Several fixes and additions to her ability & modifier tooltips (tooltip suggestions)
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    Centaur Warrunner:

    Already existing entries: None

    New entries:
    1. Centaur Warrunner only uses one of his two death animations (animation bug)
    2. rare idle animation plays during injured phase (animation bug)
    3. Centaur Warrunner's teleport animation does not loop (animation bug)
    4. Add an AoE targeting cursor to Double Edge (UI suggestion)
    5. Return triggers on projectiles which hit Centaur after he already died (gameplay bug)
    6. Return's visual effect triggers even when the target is invulnerable, hidden, invisible or in the fog of war, in the latter cases pinpointing enemy position (visual bug)
    7. Return's aura buff appears on Centaur even when the talent for it is/was not chosen (visual bug)
    8. Add a distinct visual effect to allies buffed by aghs upgraded Stampede (visual suggestion)
    9. Add a visual effect to non-hero units buffed by Stampede (visual suggestion)
    10. Give Stampede's impact a unique sound, instead of using the same sound as Greater Bash (audio suggestion)
    11. Stampede's cast animation overrides the animations of Hoof Stomp and Double Edge (animation bug)
    12. Centaur's beard clips into his chest and with several shoulder slot items (visual bug)
    13. The icon of Warlord of Hell Barding does not match the actual item (cosmetic item bug)
    14. Many of Centaur Warrunner's cosmetic items have missing backfaces on visible areas of the items (cosmetic item bug)
    15. Chaos Chosen set has some clipping issues with itself (cosmetic item bug)
    16. Relentless Warbring set is clipping with Centaur's model (cosmetic item bug)
    17. Weight of Omexe set is clipping with Centaur's model (cosmetic item bug)
    18. Several fixes and additions to his ability & modifier tooltips (tooltip suggestions)
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    Chaos Knight:

    Already existing entries:
    1. Casting aghs upgraded Phantasm on a Phantasm illusion from a previous cast creates 1 hp illusions -- unchanged

    New entries:
    1. Chaos Knight has no teleport animation (animation bug)
    2. Chaos Knight's spawn animation has 9 empty frames at the beginning (animation bug)
    3. Chaos Bolt's stun duration display over the target is inaccurate (visual bug)
    4. Chaos Bolt has an unnecessary screen shake effect on the projectile (visual bug)
    5. Reality Rift prevents units from auto-attacking the spell target for several seconds (gameplay bug)
    6. Reality Rift particles and sound play on allied illus when having shared control over them (visual and audio bug)
    7. Reality Rift doesn't make Chaos Knight's illusion play the cast animation (animation bug)
    8. Give Reality Rift's debuff a unique particle effect, instead of copying Medallion of Courage's effect (visual suggestion)
    9. Reality Rift doesn't reliably make Chaos Knight and the target face each other (gameplay bug)
    10. Reality Rift's cast animation and sound don't cancel upon canceling cast (visual and audio bug)
    11. Reality Rift's armor reduction does not update on refresh (gameplay bug)
    12. Phantasm malfunctions when getting Aghanim's Scepter during cast time (gameplay bug)
    13. Give Phantasm illusions a unique red skin, instead of using the default illusion blue (visual suggestion)
    14. Phantasm's unit formatting gets messed up based on when Chaos Knight gets positioned (gameplay bug)
    15. Chaos Hound Set's item pieces are not marked as set pieces (cosmetic item bug)
    16. The mount of the Chaos Hound set makes hoofstep sounds, despite not being a horse/having paws instead of hooves (cosmetic item bug)
    17. Blade of Burning Turmoil and Cudgel of Baleful Reign use default weapon particles, instead of having them disabled (cosmetic item bug)
    18. Blade of Chaos Incarnate and Hellfire Edge don't use the default weapon particles, despite being designed to support them (cosmetic item bug)
    19. Many of Chaos Knight's cosmetic items have missing backfaces on visible areas of the items (cosmetic item bug)
    20. Several fixes and additions to his ability and modifier tooltips (tooltip suggestions)
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    Addded (not complete)

    1. Pierce can proc on buildings when the attacker has Split Shot or Flak Cannon active
    2. Night Stalker's limited vision overrides the vision reductions of Smoke Screen, Nightmare and Tree Dance, so that enemies have more vision
    3. Focus Fire's bash talents is not limited to the Focus Fire target and can proc on other enemies during Focus Fire
    4. Turbo mode courier doesn't deliver stackable items, or item components, when the inventory is full, even when they could stack/combine with other items in the inventory
    5. Turbo mode courier prevents storing items in the stash
    6. Turbo mode courier can be given move orders
    7. Undying's Talent Reincarnation gets wasted upon taking any damage while affected by Wraith King's Wraith Delay aura
    8. Fear does not make hit non-hero player units flee to their fountain
    9. The courier cannot move items to the stash while carrying a non-full bottle
    10. Shadow Amulet cancels the fleeing part of Fear after its fade time
    11. Illuminate's Release sub-spell cannot be used when having "Channeled Abilities Require Stop/Hold" option turned on
    12. Stampede still destroys Monkey King's trees during Tree Dance
    13. "Select All Units" hotkey selects the uncontrollable illusion of Anti-Mage's Blink talent
    14. Rubick's illusions don't copy Null Field's current state, and are always in defensive mode
    15. Pisonic Trap's debuff duration is reduced when using the trap's own sub-spell to activate it
    16. Spirit Vessel use HP removal as damage/heal, causing a lot of bugged interactions
    17. Status resistance reduces Rolling Thunder's timeout modifier twice, so that enemies with status resistance get hit more often than other enemies
    18. Status resistance reduces Pit of Malice's root interval
    19. Status resistance reduces Nether Strike's vision duration, so that will fail when the target enters the fog of war
    20. Penitence uses a projectile, but applies its effects instantly on cast, so that the projectile does nothing
    21. Demonic Purge, Satyr Banisher Purge, Necronomicon Archer Purge and Nullifier can't place their debuffs on invulnerable targets, getting wasted on them
    22. Meat Hook's mana refund doesn't consider mana cost reductions, so that it grants free mana when having mana cost reductions
    23. Linken's Sphere can still be targeted on self
    24. Status resistance reduces Flaming Lasso's damage debuff twice
    25. The leashes of multiple Dream Coils disappear as soon as one of them disappears, instead of working independently
    26. Chilling Touch's slow debuff does not use one counting debuff, and instead spams the status bar with many debuffs
    27. Focus Fire breaks pathfinding when moving while attacking
    28. Focus Fire doesn't make Windranger face the target while attacking when having moved before
    29. Focus Fire continues allowing attacking the target while moving, even after expiring
    30. Focus Fire doesn't work with patrol, follow, directional move, and ground attack orders and with auto-attack, and also does not allow shift-queuing move orders during it
    31. Ice Blast's threshold includes the talent bonus by default, and the talent itself does nothing at all
    32. The damage of Psionic Traps is sourced to Templar Assassin, instead of the traps themselves
    33. Status resistance reduces Snowball's vision duration, so that the it may disappear before the Snowball ends, which causes the Snowball to turn invisible
    34. The multi-target Adaptive Strike (Str and Agi) talent does not consider cast range bonuses
    35. The multi-shot Stifling Dagger talent does not consider cast range bonuses
    36. Savage Roar doesn't affect non-player units
    37. Lycan's Wolves and Visage's Familiars are summoned too far away from the caster when choosing the amount increasing talents
    38. Grave Chill doesn't buff nearby Familiars in Stone Form
    39. Tree Grab area damage discrepancies to cleave
    40. Overgrowth affects enemies around Eyes in the Forest, and damages them, even when not having Aghanim's Scpeter in the inventory
    41. Soul Catcher's -6s cooldown talent reduces its cooldown by 5 seconds
    42. Toggling Null Field breaks channeling spells
    43. Unstable Current doesn't work with cooldown reduction/increases/resets, while the icon and tooltip value are affected visually
    44. The +75% Spiked Carapace damage talent does not work
    45. Homing Missile still takes 5 attacks to destroy on level 4, instead of 4 attacks
    46. Echo Stomp's wake-up damage threshold counts Echo Stomp's own damage, so that it is basically non-existent
    47. Choosing the -0.2 Chemical Rage BAT talent slows Alchemist down when chosen during Chemical Rage
    48. Sanity's Eclipse mana burn ignores mana loss reductions
    49. Talent-based mana breaks stack with Diffusal Blade's mana break
    50. Status resistance doesn't work for non-hero units
    51. Urn of Shadows can becast on a unit affected by Spirit Vessel, wasting the cooldown
    52. Lifestealer still can't sell his Aghanim's Scepter
    53. Tranquil Boots grant 13 health regen, instead of 12
    54. Linken's Sphere grants 5 health regen, instead of 5.5
    55. Shadow Realm doesn't cancel already targeted single-target spells, but cancels already started attacks
    56. Aghs upgraded Doom deals too much damage against argets with status resistance
    57. Status resistance doesn't reduce the slow of Windrun
    58. Status resistance doesn't reduce the slow of Ghost Shroud
    59. Status resistance doesn't reduce the slow of Wildwing Ripper's Tornado Tempest Aura
    60. Status resistance doesn't reduce the slow of Chakrams
    61. Status resistance doesn't reduce the slow of Sand Storm
    62. Status resistance doesn't reduce the slow of Shiva's Guard's Freezing Aura
    63. Status resistance doesn't reduce the slow of Shrapnel
    64. Shackleshot's status resistance reduction logic is reversed, reduces duration of primary target if secondary target has, instead of the other way
    65. Status resistance reduces Caustic Finale's initial debuff duration when it is applied by aghs upgraded Burrowstrike
    66. Arcane Orb's status buff/debuff don't represent their correct duration when reduced by status resistance
    67. Decay's status buff/debuff don't represent their correct duration when reduced by status resistance
    68. Status resistance reduces the drag duration of aghs upgraded Ghostship
    69. Open Wounds' decaying slow doesn't adapt its decay speed to reduced durations
    70. Boulder Smash doesn't end properly when canceled or duration is reduced, always travels the full distance, even when the smashed unit/remnant already stopped
    71. Medallion of Courage's self-debuff doesn't copy the debuff duration of the enemy, so that it lasts longer on self when the target has status resistance
    72. Cursed Crown pierces spell immunity when reflected with Lotus Orb
    73. Cursed Crown's visual effect is not visible when the target turns hidden
    74. Shadow Realm prevents allies from targeting Dark Willow, so they have to rely on targeting the portrait
    75. Casting Shadow Realm doesn't stop Dark Willow's attack order, so that it may get immediately canceled/wasted
    76. Shadow Realm protects Dark Willow against some non-targeted AoE spells
    77. Some projectile-based abilities can still target Dark Willow during Shadow Realm
    78. Shadow Realm doesn't protect against Omnislash and Wrath of Nature bounces, does protect against any other bouncing effect
    79. Attacking runes during Shadow Realm releases an invisible projectile which plays no sound on impact
    80. Shadow Realm's damage modifier doesn't disappear when the projectile gets evaded in any way
    81. Shadow Realm doesn't deal damage when the target moved too far before projectile impact
    82. Recasting Shadow Realm and releasing a second projectile before the previous cast projectile hits, makes the second projectile deal no damage
    83. Shadow Realm deals no damage when Dark Willow dies before projectile impact
    84. Shield Crash doesn't keep Rolling Thunder's velocity when it ends during Shield Crash
    85. Rolling Thunder doesn't end upon entering a Snowball, or getting Assimilated by Lifestealer
    86. Shawshbuckle applies attacks on all units Pangolier dashes over
    87. Rolling Thunder doesn't get canceled by several spell immunity piercing disables
    88. Rolling Thunder's spell immunity doesn't dispel Pounce leash and Deafening Blast disarm debuffs
    89. Casting Swashbuckle so that the mouse cursor is on an enemy hero causes Pangolier to get deselected
    90. Deselecting Swashbuckle also sends Pangolier a move order, regardless of the "Move after Ability Target Cancelled" setting
    91. When selecting another spell while having Swashbuckle's targeting vector active, doesn't remove the targeting vector, getting it stuck on the map
    92. Several legacy hotkey issues
    93. Bounty Hunter has no lip syncing on head cosmetic items which reveal his mouth

    1. Sticky Napalm's overhead counter jumps to 0 after losing & regaining vision of the affected enemy while having 10 stacks on them (visual bug)
    2. Mask of Dark Ferocy and Mask of the Giant Hunter clip with Gondar's cheeks when talking (cosmetic item bug)
    3. A part of Gondar's beard is glued to his upper lip (visual bug)
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    Already existing entries:
    1. Chen has no teleport animation -- unchanged
    2. Penitence uses a projectile, but applies its effects instantly on cast, so that the projectile does nothing -- unchanged
    3. Holy Persuasion can be cast on ancient creeps without having Hand of God leveled, wasting the cooldown and mana -- unchanged
    4. Holy Persuasion turns the hp bonus from Granite Aura permanent and adds its own bonus ontop of it, instead of adding it to its base hp -- unchanged
    5. Holy Persuasion has the wrong legacy key (was R, is now F) -- unchanged

    New entries:
    1. Chen's default mount's icon is not updated and is missing the armor (cosmetic item bug)
    2. Two of Chen's custom mounts have unfitting/wrong names (cosmetic item bug)
    3. Penitence's debuff values do not update on refresh (gameplay bug)
    4. Test of Faith cannot target ancient creeps (gameplay bug)
    5. Test of Faith's particles and audio are applied before spellblock check, instead of after (visual & audio bug)
    6. Test of Faith's rope effect extends way too much since 7.07 (visual bug)
    7. Test of Faith shows the heal number above the target twice on non-heroes (visual bug)
    8. Give Test of Faith a different sound and visual effect when cast on allies to heal (visual & audio suggestion)
    9. Holy Persuasion completely messes up the health of talent-buffed Treants (gameplay bug)
    10. Holy Persuasion's convert buff is purgeable, but doing so does nothing (gameplay bug)
    11. Holy Persuasion uses the wrong animation for converting creeps (animation bug)
    12. Make Chen's teleport buff use the old teleport icon, instead of Holy Persuasion's icon (visual suggestion)
    13. Give Chen's teleport a status buff, visual effects and sound when porting creeps to self (visual & audio suggestion)
    14. Chen's teleport finish sound is audible through the fog of war (audio bug)
    15. Holy Persuasion uses the wrong error message when targeting enemy heroes (visual bug)
    16. Chen uses his persuasion responses upon teleporting allies (audio bug)
    17. Holy Persuasion's levelup response is hooked to an empty ability slot (audio bug)
    18. Recasting teleport on the same target has no effect, wasting mana & cooldown (gameplay bug)
    19. Holy Persuasion can target allied wards, buildings, couriers and zombies (gameplay bug)
    20. Hand of God doesn't heal allied illus, revealing the true hero between them (gameplay bug)
    21. Hand of God doesn't heal Spirit Bears under your control (gameplay bug)
    22. Hand of God affects dead units under your control (visual & audio bug)
    23. Hand of God sometimes does not play its sound on healed units (audo bug)
    24. Several fixes and additions to Chen's ability & modifier tooltips (tooltip bugs/suggestions)
    25. Desert Gale Fourchard uses the default weapon particle, which don't fit it (cosmetic item bug)
    26. The weapon particles are not centered properly on the Commanding Rod of the Penitent Nomad and the Square Sky Staff (cosmetic item bug)
    27. Prospect of the Progenitor's Aspect shoulder item includes misc item (cosmetic item bug)
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    Already existing entries:
    1. Power Cogs prevent units from auto-attacking shocked neutral creeps for several seconds -- removed
    2. Power Cogs are not containing enemy heroes as they are supposed when they are cluttered or trees are involved -- removed
    3. Power Cogs' Shock glitches when cogs dissolve -- removed
    4. Power Cogs hp bar doesn't get lower when taking damage so you don't see how many hits are left to destroy the cog -- unchanged
    5. Hookshot doesn't stun secondary spell immune units when Clockwerk passes by them while latching -- unchanged
    6. Hookshot considers the height position of the latched target, so that Clockwerk gets slowed down the higher the target is located, which results in Clockwerk not reaching the target -- unchanged

    New entries:
    1. Clockwerk has no default teleport animation (animation bug)
    2. Clockwerk doesn't use his victory animations (animation bug)
    3. The death sounds of several heroes repeat whenever regaining vision over their death locations (audio bug)
    4. Battery Assault and Power Cogs cast animations play after cast, instead of during cast (animation bug)
    5. Battery Assault's loop sound doesn't fade in/out properly with fog (audio bug)
    6. Recasting Battery Assault doesn't update the shrapnel interval (gameplay bug)
    7. Power Cogs completely ignore enemies which are being moved by other spells (gameplay bug)
    8. Power Cogs' damage is sourced to Clockwerk, instead of the cogs (gameplay bug)
    9. Power Cogs' shock area are inconsistent (gameplay bug)
    10. Power Cogs don't shock ancient creeps (gameplay bug)
    11. Power Cogs can shock units with 0 current mana (gameplay bug)
    12. Power Cogs' cast sound doesn't fade in/out properly with the fog (audio bug)
    13. Give Power Cogs a "power down" animation upon shocking an enemy (visual suggestion)
    14. Change Power Cogs' destroy sound, to avoid overusing Kinetic Field's sound (audio suggestion)
    15. The rocket on Clockwerk's shoulder should re-appear based on cooldown (visual bug)
    16. Rocket Flare's explosion particles appear at map center (visual bug)
    17. Hookshot's animation doesn't cancel upon canceling the cast (animation bug)
    18. Replace Hookshot's self-silence/disarm with a proper stun (gameplay suggestion)
    19. Hookshot blocks neutral creep camps (gameplay bug)
    20. The vision provided by Hookshot has several issues (gameplay bug)
    21. Multiple Hookshot at the same time malfunction in several different ways (gameplay bug)
    22. Mortal Forge and Steelcrow Munitions shoot the entire cannon with Flare (cosmetic item bug)
    23. Pressure Regulator's set has a broken Hookshot projectile (cosmetic item bug)
    24. Warcog's set's Rocket Flare projectile is broken (cosmetic item bug)
    25. Teleboltin' + Paraflare Cannon teleport animation is broken (cosmetic item bug)
    26. Paraflare is missing victory and generic_channel anims (cosmetic item bug)
    27. Clock uses First Blood response when making kills with Rocket Flare (audio bug)
    28. Use the Clockwerk Announcer's "missing lane" responses for Clockwerk (audio suggestion)
    29. Rivalry/ally responses towards Tinker/Sniper are hooked up weirdly (audio suggestion)
    30. Suggested uses for 3 unused responses of Clockwerk (audio suggestion)
    31. Several fixes and additions to Clinkz' ability and modifier tooltips (tooltip suggestions)
    32. Clockwerk's model has some clipping issues with itself (visual bug)
    33. Lots of Clockwerk's cosmetic items are missing backfaces (cosmetic item bug)
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