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Thread: Known Bug List 2.0

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    Dragon Knight:

    Already existing entries:
    1. Remove unit targeting from Breathe Fire -- unchanged
    2. Attack projectiles launched during Elder Dragon Form do not apply poison/splash/area slow when EDF ends before they hit -- new thread, 288716
    3. Dragon Knight has no teleport animation in Elder Dragon Form -- unchanged

    New entries:
    1. Dragon Knight's hero and minimap icon colors do not match his model (visual bug)
    2. Dragon Knight's teleport animation does not loop properly (visual bug)
    3. Dragon Knight's first attack animation has a small animation error in the 14th and 15th frame (visual bug)
    4. Dragon Knight's rare idle animation plays during his injured phase (visual bug)
    5. Add particle effects to Breathe Fire's debuff (visual suggestion)
    6. Breathe Fire increases attack damage of hit enemies who already have negative attack damage (gameplay bug)
    7. Breathe Fire's sound is bound to the caster, instead of the projectile (audio bug)
    8. Breathe Fire's damage and attack damage reduction values are not set upon cast (gameplay bug)
    9. Dragon Tail's range indicator does not update when entering or leaving Elder Dragon Form (visual bug)
    10. Dragon Tail's damage and stun values are not set upon cast (gameplay bug)
    11. Elder Dragon Form's effect are set upon projectile impact, instead of launch, causing attacks made before cast to apply EDF effects, and attacks launched during EDF to not apply EDF effects when expiring before hit (gameplay bug)
    12. Disjointing an EDF attack projectile makes it apply the splash damage instantly around the target, instead of when the projectile reaches its location before the disjoint (gameplay bug)
    13. Elder Dragon Form's miss splash damage does not hit the primary target (design issue)
    14. Elder Dragon Form does not apply the area poison/slow on missed attacks, but does apply the area damage (design issue)
    15. Dragon Knight uses his default melee pre-attack sounds in Elder Dragon Form (audio bug)
    16. Give Dragon Knight's dragon models teleport animations (visual suggestion)
    17. Give Dragon Knight an animation for transforming back into a knight (visual suggestion)
    18. Elder Dragon Form's poison affects allied units if primary target, but the frost does not (gameplay bug)
    19. Elder Dragon Form places its poison debuff on wards (gameplay bug)
    20. Illusions of Dragon Knight copy Elder Dragon Form's current level, instead of the cast level (gameplay bug)
    21. Illusions of Dragon Knight play Elder Dragon Form's cast sound, particles, and animation upon spawning, instantly revealing themselves as illusions (gameplay bug)
    22. Elder Dragon Form slows attack speed by 20, instead of 30 (gameplay bug)
    23. Elder Dragon Form's AoE poison doesn't affect buildings (design issue)
    24. Attacks started during Elder Dragon Form will still use ranged projectile even when Elder Dragon Form expired before the attack finishes (gameplay bug)
    25. Bitterwing, Dragon Form of the Third Awakening, and Dragon of the Outland Ravager are missing wing flap sounds (cosmetic item bug)
    26. The wing flap sound of the default dragon, Elder Drake of Blazing Oblivion, Kindred of the Iron Dragon, and Shadow of the Burning Scale play twice (cosmetic item bug)
    27. Reconnecting messes up cosmetic items of transformed heroes (cosmetic item bug)
    28. Illusions in Elder Dragon Form place a fake poison debuff that does nothing, the debuff should either damage, or not be placed at all (gameplay inconsistency)
    29. When expiring, transformation spells transform back all affected units back visually (visual bug)
    30. When casting Morph on a transformed hero, Morphling copies their melee/range type granted by the transformation, even though he does not copy the transformation itself (gameplay bug)
    31. Kindred of the Iron Dragon custom animation for Dragon Tail does not work (cosmetic item bug)
    32. Kindred of the Iron Dragon's custom Dragon Tail particle effects were not updated to the projectile in Elder Dragon Form (cosmetic item bug)
    33. Kindred of the Iron Dragon's custom Dragon Tail particle effect has a part locked to Dragon Knight, making them move along with him instead of the target (cosmetic item bug)
    34. Kindred of the Iron Dragon Dragon Tail has too many camera shake sources (cosmetic item bug)
    35. Elder Dragon Form items don't show their 3 levels as dynamic styles (UI bug)
    36. Elder Drake of Blazing Oblivion dragon form has its mouth glued together (cosmetic item bug)
    37. Bitterwing is missing wing loop animation (cosmetic item bug)
    38. Elder Dragon Form's spawn animation gets messed up by the wing loop anim (visual/cosmetic item bug)
    39. Bitterwing, and Dragon of the Third Awakening are missing their generic_channel animation (cosmetic item bug)
    40. Bitterwing, and Dragon of the Third Awakening use the old Breathe Fire animation, instead of the new one (cosmetic item bug)
    41. Normalize all the animations of Dragon Knight's dragon models (cosmetic item suggestion)
    42. Cover up the neck and upper arms for the Bitterwing Legacy set (cosmetic item suggestion)
    43. The Outland Ravager set is not bundled together properly, with some parts of the set not being in the set (cosmetic item bug)
    44. Bitterwing, and Elder Drake of Blazing Oblivion are missing lip syncing (cosmetic item bug)
    45. Some of Dragon Knight's cosmetic items are missing backfaces (cosmetic item bug)
    46. Several sets of Dragon Knight have clipping issues (cosmetic item bug)
    47. Several Dragon Form responses are not hooked up (audio bug)
    48. Several fixes and additions to Dragon Knightability & modifier tooltips (tooltip bugs/suggestions)



    1. Abaddon has no teleport animation (animation bug)
    2. Brewmaster has no teleport animation (animation bug)
    3. Bristleback has no teleport animation (animation bug)
    4. Chaos Knight has no teleport animation (animation bug)
    5. Chen has no teleport animation (animation bug)
    6. Clockwerk has no teleport animation (animation bug)
    7. Enchantress has no teleport animation (animation bug)
    8. Enigma has no teleport animation (animation bug)
    9. Morphling has no teleport animation (animation bug)
    10. Replicate minimap icon is red when the caster is disconnected
    11. Replicates of Faceless Void or Rubick have 1000 ms inside their Chronospheres, instead of their default ms (Faceless Void replicate), or being unable to move (Rubick replicate)
    12. Casting Morph Replicate while the Replicate is in the air through Walrus Punch or Kick causes Morphling to face down or upwards
    13. Hybrid illusions of Spectre can use Reality to swap with original Spectre's Haunt illusions
    14. Hybrid illusions of Techies/Templar Assassin can detonate Techies' Remote Mines/Templar Assassin's Psionic Traps
    15. Memory leak issue with Hybrid illusions, staying for the entire game, instead of disappearing after a while
    16. Juxtapose illusions created by the Juxtapose illusions of Hybrid illusions use the original Phantom Lancer's attributes, instead of the Hybrid illusion's attributes
    17. Mirror Image or Phantasm cast by Hybrid illusion does not get canceled on death, like how it does when Naga dies during it
    18. Disruption cast on a Hybrid illusion does not get canceled when the Hybrid dies during it, like how it does when any other target dies
    19. Hybrid illusions do not grant any gold/exp bounty
    Please, just call me buny.

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    Removed, no longer relevant:
    1. Abaddon does not unsheath his sword while denying allies (visual bug)
    2. Curse of Avernus doesn't place its buff on Abaddon on his first attack against buildings, while fully working against buildings otherwise (gameplay bug)
    3. Illusions of Abaddon gain the Curse of Avernus buff on each their attacks, but cannot place the debuff on enemies (inconsistancy)
    4. Curse of Avernus debuff doesn't say that it slows attack speed (tooltip bug)
    5. The Hawk can leave the map boundaries, unlike any other flying unit (gameplay bug)
    6. Drunken Brawler's ensured crit gets lost when attack-canceling (gameplay bug)
    7. Drunken Brawler's ensured crit gets wasted upon attacking allies, buildings or wards (gameplay bug)
    8. Drunken Brawler's particle effects are not disabled by Break (visual bug)
    9. Add a custom HUD element showing the downtimes of Drunken Brawler (UI suggestion)
    10. Allow cooldown reductions to affect Drunken Brawler ensured crit/evasion (gameplay consistency/suggestion)
    11. The +15% proc chance talent does not work for the Fire element when having Aghanim's Scepter (gameplay bug)
    12. Give Reality Rift's debuff a unique particle effect, instead of copying Medallion of Courage's effect (visual suggestion)
    13. Make Devour go on cooldown based on the digestion time (gameplay suggestion)
    14. Disjointing an EDF attack projectile makes it apply the splash damage instantly around the target, instead of when the projectile reaches its location before the disjoint (gameplay bug)
    15. Elder Dragon Form's miss splash damage does not hit the primary target (design issue)
    16. Elder Dragon Form does not apply the area poison/slow on missed attacks, but does apply the area damage (design issue)
    17. Scepter upgraded Spell Shield does not go on cooldown upon proccing on Toss or Snowball (gameplay bug)
    18. Track grants the movement speed buff to neutral creeps in range (gameplay bug)
    19. Strafe's status buff always shows full charges at all times (tooltip bug)
    20. Strafe does not work against lane creeps, neutral creeps, towers & fountains (gameplay suggestion)
    21. Casting Omnislash while performing Omnislash from a previous cast, has no effect, instead of working independantly
    22. Spirit Bear's Entangling Claws makes the target it affects automatically attack the Spirit Bear if it was attacking someone else before
    23. Leap can break Pounce leash under certain circumstances
    24. Rolling Thunder doesn't get canceled by several spell immunity piercing disables
    25. Blur's mini-map hiding has inconsistent behavior between creep-heroes
    26. Blur doesn't react on enemies which enter its range while spell immune or invulnerable, but does react on enemies which turn spell immune or invulnerable while within range already
    27. Unstable Current applies its slow after applying the damage, so that Aeon Disk can't dispel it (gameplay bug)
    28. Nether Swap's free-pathing when hooking on cliff mechanic is outdated
    29. Memory leak issue with aghs upgraded Vengeance illusions, staying for the entire game, instead of disappearing after a while
    30. Cold Feet can be cast with 0 charges left (gameplay bug)
    31. Cold Feet does not have infinite charges in -wtf mode (inconvenience)
    32. Cold Feet checks for charges after targeting the spell, instead of before (inconvenience)
    33. Ice Vortex uses the same modifier for the debuff on enemies and buff on self, so that they cannot affect the same unit at the same time (gameplay bug)
    34. Chilling Touch's slow debuff does not use one counting debuff, and instead spams the status bar with many debuffs (gameplay bug)
    35. Chilling Touch applies its debuff after applying the attack damage, so that Aeon Disk can't dispel it (gameplay bug)
    36. Ice Blast prevents Chakra Magic from reducing Reincarnation's cooldown (gameplay bug)
    37. Enfeeble doesn't properly refresh the stolen damage buffs (gameplay bug)
    38. Enfeeble's debuff starts stacking on Bane when cast on him while he has the damage stealing Enfeeble buff (gameplay bug)
    39. Casting Enfeeble while affected by the Enfeeble debuff, and while having the "Enfeeble Steals Damage" talent, removes the debuff (gameplay bug)
    40. Test of Faith shows the heal number above the target twice on non-heroes (visual bug)
    41. Test of Faith's particles and audio are applied before spellblock check, instead of after (visual & audio bug)
    42. Test of Faith's rope effect extends way too much since 7.07 (visual bug)
    43. Give Test of Faith a different sound and visual effect when cast on allies to heal (visual & audio suggestion)
    44. Wall of Replica creates illusions of invulnerable heroes without slowing them (gameplay bug)
    45. Wall of Replica slows heroes upon expiring when they stand in the wall (gameplay bug)
    46. Weave's tick interval does not adapt to reduced durations (gameplay bug)
    47. Weave's armor change starts one instance too late (gameplay bug)
    48. Weave's sound effect plays on the caster, instead of target area (audio bug)
    49. Spirit Form Illuminate gets canceled and released if Spirit Form ends or Ezalor dies
    50. Non-channeled Illuminate and its sub-spell use the same animation as the channeled one, resulting in a 5 second-long cast backswing for them
    51. Channeled and non-channeled Illuminate cooldowns not matching when affected by cooldown reductions or increments
    52. Chakra Magic's cooldown reduction effect gets procs and gets wasted on 0cd spells and on sub-spells
    53. When Keeper of the Light sells or drops his Aghanim's Scepter while having Aghanim's Scepter Synth buff from Alchemist (or having a 2nd aghs), he loses the permanent spirit form until casting it manually
    54. Ice Armor auto-cast makes Lich forget his previous orders and just stands idle after casting it
    55. Essence Aura stops proccing on Arcane Orb when an illusion of Outworld Devourer is close to him
    56. Enemies can still be trapped on cliffs with Telekinesis
    57. Enemies can't be put down from cliffs with Telekinesis
    58. Last Word treats Ezalor's Recall as a channeling spell
    59. The secondary projectile from Aghanim's Scepter targets non-hero units, unlike the primary projectile
    60. Turbo mode courier prevents storing items in the stash
    61. Tranquil Boots grant 13 health regen, instead of 12
    62. Spirit Vessel use HP removal as damage/heal, causing a lot of bugged interactions
    63. Sange's already placed Maim debuff immediately updates if its source hero switches between melee/ranged, instead of only updating when getting refreshed
    64. Heaven's Halberd's already placed Maim debuff immediately updates if its source hero switches between melee/ranged, instead of only updating when getting refreshed
    65. Sange and Yasha's already placed Maim debuff immediately updates if its source hero switches between melee/ranged, instead of only updating when getting refreshed
    66. Units can be pushed onto cliffs by some spells, getting them stuck (2nd thread) (3rd thread)
    67. List of spells and items which can move units onto cliffs and unpathable terrain
    68. Ancient radiant creep camp farming exploit
    69. Dire's top left big creep camp sometimes spawns outside of the camp
    70. Hero Attribute Panel is not visible (obstructed by the multi-unit control panel) when selecting the hero after having more than one units selected already

    Removed, fixed
    1. Rubick's spell positions shuffle when re-stealing Unstable Concoction while already brewing a concoction (Rubick interaction bug)
    2. Midas Knuckles' and Razzil's Midas Knuckles' custom Greevil's Greed effect does not work (cosmetic item bug)
    3. The Hawk is affected by Unified Unit Orders, instead of being ignored by it (gameplay bug)
    4. Primal Roar does not apply its slow and damage on secondary spell immune targets (gameplay bug)
    5. Primal Split spirits' minimap icons don't disappear immediately on death (visual bug)
    6. Enable the Primal Split spirits' minimap icons (visual suggestion)
    7. Earth element gets stuck when Primal Split finished splitting during forced movement (gameplay bug)
    8. Storm's minimap icon is broken, has its left ear cut off (visual bug)
    9. Return's aura buff appears on Centaur even when the talent for it is/was not chosen (visual bug)
    10. Clockwerk has no default teleport animation (animation bug)
    11. Scorched Earth plays its looping sound for every buffed unit under the caster's control (audio bug)
    12. Scorched Earth's loop sound does not fade in/out when the caster leaves/enters the fog of war (audio bug)
    13. Aghs upgraded Doom deals too much damage against targets with status resistance (gameplay bug)
    14. The Tempest Double cast animation plays after cast, instead of during cast (animation bug)
    15. Phantom Rush exploit with tree-targeted spells
    16. Razor has an unloopable teleport animation (animation bug)
    17. Fiend's Grip's cast sound isn't long enough for talent duration, and the target sound wrongly includes the cast sound (audio bug)
    18. Frostbite uses a mini-stun to interrupt the target, instead of doing it like other interrupting root abilities (gameplay inconsistency)
    19. Bedlam and Terrorize can be cast at the same time (gameplay bug)
    20. Poison Touch's reach doesn't increase with its growing cast range per level (gameplay bug)
    21. Reaper's Scythe damage bypasses Gravekeeper's Cloak completely when applying the killing blow which Gravekeeper's Cloak could have prevented
    22. Decrepify is unable to place its buff on a targeted allied Tombstone
    23. Demonic Purge can't be cast on invulnerable units
    24. Familiars can get stuck onto eachother at the map borders
    25. Animal Courier bounty and team bounty is 175, instead of 150 (should be 175 according to the last time it was changed)
    26. Turbo mode courier malfunctions when putting enemy items into its inventory
    27. Shadow Amulet cancels the fleeing part of Fear after its fade time
    28. Directional Move allows units which have unobstructed/flying movement to leave the map bounderies
    29. There is a small unpathable, but wardable area above Dire's Tier 3 tower inside the cliffs
    30. The cliff close to dire's top shrine towards the river is abusable with spells and ward
    31. The Shrines' aura radius display when holding ALT is too big
    32. Muted items are unmuted on illusions
    33. Combat log revealing inaccessible information (such as hp and position of invisible enemies)
    34. When rebinding the ALT modifier, status buffs/debuffs and the buyback button still react on ALT-clicking, instead of reacting on the custom ALT modifier key

    1. AoE Mist Coil triggers spell block and spell reflection of secondary targets (gameplay bug)
    2. AoE Mist Coil targets invisible enemies and enemies you have no vision over (gameplay bug)
    3. Curse of Avernus doesn't use its own level for the attack speed bonus, but instead uses the highest level present on the map (gameplay bug)
    4. Curse of Avernus' initial debuff ignores status resistance (gameplay bug)
    5. Curse of Avernus' speed buff is placed on attack hit, instead of attack start (gameplay bug)
    6. Unstable Concoction is not canceled properly for Rubick upon losing the spell while brewing (gameplay bug)
    7. Unstable Concoction cannot be thrown by Morphling when switching back and forth with Morph while brewing (gameplay bug)
    8. Unstable Concoction's damage was not updated properly in 7.07d (gameplay bug)
    9. Wild Axes debuff particles get stuck at enemy's last known location (visual bug)
    10. Primal Roar's knockback speed changes based on status resistance, and pushes for much further on enemies with high status resistance (gameplay bug)
    11. Cinder Brew behaves like a traveling shockwave, hitting enemies as it travels towards the target point, instead of behaving like an AoE targeted spell (gameplay bug)
    12. Cinder Brew's debuffs do not update to current level on refresh (gameplay bug)
    13. Cinder Brew's target area sound plays on cast, instead of projectile impact (audio bug)
    14. Primal Split spirits have wrong legacy hotkeys for Cinder Brew and Drunken Brawler (gameplay bug)
    15. Add a creep impact sound to Viscous Nasal Goo, to combat the issue of the long sound being spammed when hitting a lot of creeps (audio suggestion)
    16. Retaliate's attack counter is not placed upon learning the spell, so that casting it before getting attacked doesn't place the buff or play the cast sound (audio/visual bug)
    17. Make Bristleback not work against fountains, like how it does not vs towers already (gameplay suggestion)
    18. Reality Rift's pull distance is slightly too short (gameplay bug)
    19. Power Cogs do not work properly with negative status resistance (gameplay bug)
    20. Devour's cast sound plays twice on cast (audio bug)
    21. Enfeeble's attack speed steal buff doesn't stack with the Enfeeble debuff, overriding each other instead of both working at the same time (gameplay bug)
    Please, just call me buny.

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