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Thread: /j to join a channel and clear chat button

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    /j to join a channel and clear chat button

    both would be good.

    /j is a simple way and most people who used know it's very good to join channels fast.

    We could get the same with /w (whisper), /r (reply to latest whisperer)...

    clear chat button: when you click on the slider and when you move 2 pixels you skip an entire page of text because you were online for a pretty high amount of time...

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    I can see some channel commands being very useful but whispering is really not required when we have the steam overlay, the only issue with that is players who are not on your friends list cant send messages to you and this I feel is a problem.

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    I tottaly agree with flies. Please implement this asap.

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    I agree with nero. With /w you can easily whisper people instead of having to find them on our steam friends list. I for one have over 100 people on my list and I doubt that is a high number compared to most users.

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