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Thread: Didn't get low prio even tho i got an abandon.

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    Didn't get low prio even tho i got an abandon.

    So I was doom,my power went out for like 5-10 mins idk. I rced to the game and we won.
    I didn't get low prio,just lost mmr,is this the new LP system or did it just glitch out?

    EDIT: Fixed,got 6 mroe games in low prio,-50 mmr (-25 and the +25 i didn't get)
    Thanks valve you're so fucking awesome.
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    Well, it may not be your fault that the power went out, but i prefer a minority of player punished for things like this than no punishment at all for abandonment.
    I may suck for you to be in LPQ for some time now, but think of it that way: If that system that just punished you wouldnt be there you would have at least a leaver every second game.

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    Lol, dat "I immediately regret my decision" moment.

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    >Game is hard.

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