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Thread: AD wish list of fixes and improvements

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    In my opinion remove ranged orbs all together. It doesn't look/feel right and usually wins the game by itself. Nothing you can do against a str with searing arrows. Searing/frost arrows would still see play.
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    announcers and huds can't be shared in ability draft

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaperPL View Post
    Custom game modes is bad idea cause it won't go well with matchmaking system.

    I think that there should be just new modes with ability picking based on classic game modes like all pick(pick 4 heroes and select abilities from them), single draft(randomise 4 heroes and pick abilities from them), all random(slot based skill randomisation) and captains mode with all picking and ability swapping within the team after captain selects hero pool for his team.

    Currently there's no real tactic in choosing abilities cause most of the time you get your wished next ability taken from you just before your round. If there was at least full pull with all abilities from heroes with 4 skills, at least we would try to counter picks of other players.
    Although I've touched upon this subject on my other thread as well, currently the most popular gamemode on is -SD with 20 random heroes to pick from. Of course the number could be a bit smaller for DotA 2 since all heroes are not implemented yet, but I think 4 heroes sounds a bit too extreme, don't you think?

    And yeah, I agree that there is no tactic involved. It sucks the fun out when you can't build the hero the way you want. -SD gives you alot more freedom of abilities to choose from and then you get to pick a hero from those 20 too.

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    lol, srsly, that's not what I mean't - each player picks four heroes like in ap - first to pick gets the hero, then you have the time to select the skills from picked heroes
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