To: Any Valve employee it may concern,

Well, do allow me to rate each of the quality tags in tiers and why:

Tier 1: Genuine, Self-made, Favored, Elder(Unique thus Cannot be overrided by any tag)
Tier 2: Ascendent, Corrupted, Autographed (User-based tag with certain items)
Tier 3: Frozen, Auspicious, Cursed, Unusual, Heroic, EXALTED (Event-based tag)
Tier 4: Inscribed (Color doesnt matter to this type of tag since its purpose is to track and record game stats)

The priority of Tag-Color-Overriding:

Tier 1 > Tier 2 > Tier 3 > Tier 4


T1 color always overrides other tier color regardless any gem inserted OR any event

T2 color always overrides T3 & T4 color after inserted/used an User-based items on any items except T1

T3 color always overrides T4 color as Event-exclusive color tag is always more apppealing than any Inscribed color tag

T4 color is always applied to normal items without any tag.

Please kindly take note of my suggestion and solve those complaint once and for all. Thank you.