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Thread: "Hard" bots feeding hard? just bad luck?

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    "Hard" bots feeding hard? just bad luck?

    So often times before i play a game with real opponents i play a short botgame to get into the game, give my slow working brain the time to remember all the buttons and when to press them but since some time, the only thing that made botgames less frustrating then real ones is that you could just exit without feeling like a douchebag because all of those last games on "hard" my bots fed so extremely much that even though i was chain-killing opponents and killing towers, all of my bots were already dead rendering even a ridicoulessly farmed hero helpless 1v5... and resulting in a sure loss (last game 8 minutes arcane mek doom (good nuff for my skill bracket) but unfortunately i had every kill on my team and that was only 33% of the total kills in the game...even played a superfarmed midas freefarm solokill dusa once and even then there were a fed sven,luna and something else plus disablers with my team already dead...)... its so weird because that didnt happen so extremely much in earlier versions of the game (even though i dont play all that much i play since quite some time)

    this is the second time i post what basically is a question whether or not this behaviour is actually based on a change or if it is just bad luck of having a noob-bot streak... but if something was changed: change it back. if nothing was changed: then please adjust the bot-dificulty of each team dynamically in the early stages to a limited degree with the effect decreasing the later the game goes (with your kills having a reduced impact) so not every botgame is a goddamn deathball and so you can win, as well as loose a game against bots with your play actually mattering.

    I know bots arent the big important thing for most players but they actually are one of the reasons why i gave up playing hon back in the day (which had no real bots, at least when i attempted it...twice) but not dota 2 some time later... because some people suck but dont want others to be sad because of their own noobish play...

    thinking about it now: does bot skill in the practice mode actually change all of the bots skill level or just the one of the enemy bots? if it was just the one of the enemy bots that would kinda explain why hard botgames are so fucking awfull since even the slightest improvement to the performance of higher dificulty bots that was done at some point would shift the way the bots behave massively then...

    also would explain why medium games are instawin... still i cant think of why somebody would actually design it in such a stupid way so it cant be. right?
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    There were no changes, you can rest assured that as long as Sand King continues to build his Veil of Discord incorrectly and Jakiro doesn't understand how to cast Liquid Fire now that it's castable, no updates were made. If they were to touch the bots again, this should be their first priority beyond anything else.

    Anyhow, my recommendation is to play with modded bots, there's one someone else made available here and I'll be posting my own one in a few days probably.
    If you wish, you can look up exactly how it's done and do it yourself, it's very easy to make changes though comprehending some of the higher hero role picking and laning selection logic requires some experience to properly optimize, but simply adjusting item, skill and hero roles alone will show a massive performance boost.

    Not only will a fed bot actually be more scary, proving for a greater challenge, but because they're not making random bullshit for items it also allows for better recuperation of bad starts and the likes, all in all it makes for more balanced bot games.

    That said, you should be aware that no matter the changes made, you will sometimes get in games where you practically win by default (I never lose by default because split pushing is way to effective against the bots, you can't lose if you split push) just because your team is stomping the enemy even without your help. This sometimes just happens, just like in real games.

    Some sort of dynamic difficulty adjustments based on which team is ahead would mean the player plays a more vital role in victory or defeat, but at the same time I feel it loses the spirit of the game so I disagree with adding that to be fair. Besides that, with 0 updates to bots in the past year (Yes, as in a full 12 months), don't expect Valve to be doing anything. If we're lucky, they may open up further API to allow for more edits than we can do right now, because they sure as hell don't plan on doing it themselves.

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