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Thread: Bots seem to disregard the throne

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    Bots seem to disregard the throne

    Bots seem to have no priority assigned to the ancient which seems kind of weird for a game called Defense of the ancient

    When the ancient is attacked by 2 creeps, they'll just go about, farming happily with their inventories filled with TPs rather than come back to defend it...

    Which seems weird.
    I have played dozens of bot games recently with a lot of differently skilled players and it happens on medium / hard and unfair all the time. T4 ? They'll rush to save them but the throne itself ? meh...

    Even for their last towers, I would like the bots to give a little more efforts, it's always weird when in the last moments of a loosing game, you're all "I'LL GIVE IT MY BEST, ONE LAST STAND FOR THE ANCIENT" and the bots are chillin' at the fountain... So maybe they could escort the player ? Or do something ? anything ?

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    Bots don't play Dota, they play Dott1t (defense of the tier 1 tower)

    This has been reported since the existence of this forum, but no dev ever gave a crap about it.

    R.I.P. DOTA

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    They don't defend anything from creeps. It's fucking awful. The bots who do tp to creep waves (coded for farming on the carry heroes) just static-farm the wave and let the towers take an enormous amount of damage. They won't deny the tower either.

    They don't consider the tower under attack if heroes aren't there. And apparently they prioritize the human player 1000x over; my 4 bots push past the t2 and these 5 assholes are just sitting around preventing me from *damaging* a tier 1.

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