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Thread: [Suggestion] Keep bans visible after last pick in spectator mode

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    [Suggestion] Keep bans visible after last pick in spectator mode

    It would be useful for viewers and people who are unable to watch games, but can check a screenshot, if the bans are still visible even after the last pick in spectator mode. Here is a screenshot taken by fireattack (on reddit) showing what it currently looks like.

    For further consideration, it might be useful to have a bans tab that can pop out at any time that a viewer or caster can check during the entire game. This would be useful for

    1. Casters who want to comment on how effective the drafting was and refer back to the bans
    2. Viewers who hop into the game after the drafting phase and are curious about which bans were made

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    I wonder why they even hide bannes in the first place after draft is done. Anyways let me add this to the suggestion list b4 i forget to add it^^
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