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Thread: Low priority is unfair!

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    Exclamation Low priority is unfair!

    Hello, I just want to say that low priority matches are so unfair. We received these low priority matches from abandoning, disconnected from the game and afk ingame. For me, I found this is so unfair cause maybe the individual went to let his poop go or help his mother in the kitchen or he's being through bad internet connections at that time and Dota will assesed them as abandon while they're not doing that on purpose. I always got this problem. I was playing and then I disconnected suddenly and then I can't exit Dota and I have to restart my laptop cause I'm using like a stupid laptop. And then when I enter Dota again, I'll receive the low priority matches. It's so unfair. Then, the max number of low priority matches were given was 6 but now when I dc-ed, I got like 9, 10 matches once while I just abandoned 1 match. 1 match is = 30mins-1hour. 9 matches = 9 hours. 9 hours will be wasted when we play low priority matches. I know the low priority matches are given as a penalty for those who abandon the match, but it's just unfair when you were disconnected suddenly and I mean like we didnt do that on purpose but when we got there low priority matches, we have to waste our time to play these low priority matches while it doesn't give any difference between normal matches and low priority matches. It's just unfair. I dont know if this message will be send to the Dota company or no, but I'm just giving my opinion. I'm repsenting all those people who loves Dota but have bad internet connections and a stupid laptop like I am. That's all.

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    So you're playing with a bad connection and bad hardware, knowing that you WILL crash in many games. You know that you're going to ruin these games and accept it. It's only partially your fault because often you can't do something about it, but when queuing with such a setup you have to deal with the consequences. Oh, and:

    All report/low priority issues should go here: Commend/Report/Ban Feedback
    If you think I've closed or deleted a post unjustified, feel free to PM me and I'll explain it to you/discuss it with you further.

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