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Thread: [Confirmed] Repel + Items

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    [Confirmed] Repel + Items

    I was testing Repel with some item buffs as in the past there were quite a few bugs with Repel and some hero abilities and found some bugs here as well.
    Actually, it's the same bug but it happens to many items.

    When repel is used on a hero who has activated item X the buff that the item gives will be canceled.

    1) Pick Omniknight.
    2) Learn Repel.
    3) Build item X.
    4) Use item X.
    5) Use Repel.

    The buff that the items gives should not be canceled.

    The buff is canceled.

    Items X:
    Drum of Endurance's Endurance
    Pipe of Insight's Barrier
    Satanic's Unholy Rage
    Mjollnir's Static Charge
    Medallion of Courage's Valor
    Mask of Madness' Berserk
    Urn of Shadows' Soul Release
    Ethereal Blade's Ether Blast
    Dust of Appereance's Reveal
    Shiva's Guard's Arctic Blast
    Desolator's Corruption
    Sange's and Heaven's Halberd's Lesser Maim
    Sange and Yasha's Greater Maim

    Note concerning Shadow Blade:
    Repel must be used on an ally who has used Shadow Blade. Not on Omniknight himself because the invisibility will be lost if he tries to cast a spell.
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    these bugs should be fixed! check them and confirm!

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    I have tested and can confirm that the buff from all of those items is not dispelled by Repel in Dota 1.

    I can also confirm that Omniknight with MoM, Medallion, Mjollnir, and Drum is freaking hilarious.

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    Can someone confirm which one of these are still bugged?

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    I tested:

    Pipe: does not work
    Satanic: does not work
    Medallion oC: does not work (although this buff should perhaps be dispelled. someone would need to check in dota1)
    Drum: does not work
    MoM: does not work
    Mjollnir: does not work
    Blade Mail: works
    Urn: does not work
    Shadow blade: works
    Mekansm: does not work

    So most items are bugged. Invis is not dispelled (also not from miranas ulti) and blade mail too, the rest is dispelled by repel.

    Just to clarify: i tested like specified with using item before and then casting repel which eliminated most buffs. that doesn't mean that e.g. mekansm doesnt work when cast after repel.
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    checked medallion in dota 1.
    repel didnt seem to dispell it. on top of it, it did not get blocked by repel (when repel was cast earlier) either.
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    So i tested a few things in dota1:

    the meka buff does not work in dota1, whether meka is casted before or after repel.
    pipe does work if pipe is used before repel.
    mjollnir works but cannot be casted on repelled targets.
    MoM works before and after repel.
    Drum works before and after repel.
    Satanic works before and after repel.
    Blade mail works before and after repel.
    Urn works before and after repel.

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    still borked

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    - drum
    - MoM
    - pipe
    - mjoln
    - mek

    still bugged, so I assume whole apoptopsis's list is.
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