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Thread: Two Alt-clicking Suggestions

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    Two Alt-clicking Suggestions

    I'm very happy that 2 things i originally suggested a while back about alt-clicking items what you're building and for missing enemies are in the game, more and more players use these features, but I got 2 more suggestions
    1. Alt Clicking on Enemies' Items
    Alert your teammates if enemy Puck has got his Blink, usually my teammates are braindead and bounty hunter notices gem on qop after being ganked 2 times. Maybe i'm oversensitive as i'm a support player and like to know what's going on the entire time, but i know for a fact most people don't, especially carries, so i'd personally like to have the easy way of telling them that they're in for an attempt at a gank or other bad news.
    2. Alt Clicking on Friendly Spell
    Request usage of this spell. Let's say you're an Ancient apparition and you got a clear shot of your ulti, you request Zeus's or Nature's Prophet Ulti or Tp or whatever; you get the idea, nothing more to say there.

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