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Thread: Particles from one item to another item help needed !

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    Particles from one item to another item help needed !

    Hello all,

    i am trying to take the particle as it is from e.x. the linas scepter weapon and attach it to a bone of an item i made
    Any suggestions how can i achive that ?
    I cant even find the particles inside heroes that i downloaded.
    Any help, link, guide, or whatever you know about how to achieve that would be kindly appreciated

    Thank you all in advance

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    any advice from anyone ?

    i just need to open a particle from a hero weapon and attach it to another item.

    Thats what i need to do

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    i am trying to use particles in ward model and i cant find anything ! any help would be nice

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    Hi there!
    I would also like to use existing hero particles for my custom ward. Does anyone have some advice on how it can be done (or if it can be done at all)?

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