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Thread: Matchmaking Abuse Report Thread

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    Match ID: 691010503
    Feeder: 4800到4400.玩j8
    Boosted: multiple players, personally not that sure
    amount of matches: at 7 or 8, or in short every single match in his match history

    Checked his match history, it seems that in all his recent games he has been going mid in ranked matches and deliberately feeding 20+ kills. There are several recurring players, but I'm not quite sure who he's trying to boost rating for, though I'm quite sure he's certainly not doing it just to grief.

    Dotabuff profile:
    I've already reported him on dotabuff
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    Match ID: 692048549
    Feeder: Sergius (playing as sniper)
    Boosted: I'm pretty sure it was the enemy Bloodseeker. For starters he was the one who got fed out of it the most, then mid game he paused (I'm suspecting to alt tab) and the sniper started to play semi normally (as in, autoattacking shit instead of walking down mid lane to feed as soon as he respawned). When we started to get back into the game he "activated" the feeding mode again. It might have been Nyx too, since he was super defensive in all chat saying feeding bots don't exists and how would he get matched with it yadda yadda. Considering the match history of the feeder, the only common person in the enemy team is someone with a private profile, which leads to Nyx.
    amount of matches: A match every 2 or 3 ranked games, checking his Dotabuff.

    Attachment 24526

    TL;DR: People who have replays of themselves walking down mid lane to feed every time they respawn should have their account nuked out of orbit.

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    Match IDS:692584914 / 692711228
    Player / Boosted : The Coon - Viper

    Every game there is someone feeding him , the first game was leshrac and the second was Dazzle, everytime this guy was on lane the others started acting like bots and stoped being controlled properly ,(in the first game where i was playing Aparition the guy new everytime that i was throwing my ulti even before the marker reached him or without anyone from their team in the near) , and once both games where becoming even and the rest of the team was doing ok in the first les just fed away and the second he just disconnected Dazzle. His profile is private so i'd check his other games. In both games he got about 15+ kills fed to him.
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    Match IDs: 692726420 & 692705335
    Name: E n z e n
    Reason: Intentional Feeding/Racism
    Summary: Went 0/36 and 0/29 in games respectively. Was racist in chat and admitted that he was in fact intentionally feeding. He would run down mid lane over and over, and fed the enemy team items such as wards and gems. Boasted about how little he feared the in-game report system.

    Just took a look at the first few pages on dotabuff and found a few more, this guy does this all the time. I even limited it to ones where he had > 20 deaths.
    Match IDs: 582282002, 657990834, 692726420, 720386783
    Current Name: (  ̄~ ̄)
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    match ID :

    Match ID :696591314

    FEEDER NAME :http:MN

    Hero of feeder: Silancer

    he was feeding without reason in ranked match 4.4 mmr

    boosted i dont know who but you can check the game he was feeding all game without reason

    please Ban him

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    Well I just had a player boosting another player in a ranked match
    The Puck on my team on purpose fed the opponent's Zeus. I know that this is an intentional abuse, because those two faced mid and were friends on Steam.
    Those people have 20 wins, why are they even matched with me, while I have about 2000 wins.... What the fuck is this ?
    Match ID: 698720368 (

    On this image you can see, that Puck was feeding the enemy:
    Attachment 24615

    And here you see his Steam profile and can also see, that they are friends on Steam:
    Attachment 24614

    I also ask Valve to not let those games count, because this is pretty unfair and an obvious abuse.

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    Match ID: 698568611
    Booster: NoNameNeedeD - Tinker
    Boosted: SuperDeiser_ - Storm Spirit
    Server: Dubai
    It is the first time I played with him in the dubai server but everyone else in the match were saying that they met him in the past games and they were sure that it was one person using two computers to boost his main account. It was pretty obvious since they both dc'd together early in the game and they also reconnected simultaneously. Hopefully you can ban his/her account.

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    Please Mod/dev reset mmr for this player and ban as he is using bot on other team to increase kda Player has been blatently cheating for many games and is really easy to identify
    Match ID:700681502
    Centaur player was the boosted player
    Boosted username:Stoprage
    Feeding player brennenda ass

    I included the one match Id however looking at dotabuff you can see blatant boosting with all his matches I was just unfortunate enough to be in this one.
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    Match ID: 700840937
    name of the feeding player: 8 s
    The name of the boosted player: Arreat

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    The matchid of the game: 701346887
    The name of the feeding player: A [S4]
    The name of the boosted player: qqq
    The amount of games you found where the player got boosted (if possible including matchids) several: 701288442 700993750 700871873 700840937 699759838
    further proof here
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