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Thread: Matchmaking Abuse Report Thread

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    A growing amount of scripters/bots


    Devs, It seems like there's a growing amount of bots playing around.

    here's a sample report at the steam forums

    here are the facts I know
    they commonly use "name1234567" as their naming convention.
    they usually play on ability draft mode
    they have a uniform build.

    Can we do something about this?
    I hope this gets noticed, and those steam accounts insta-banned.

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    Got a screenshot and a match id (611258065) for a game I had where this just happened, really wasn't fun.

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    Before reporting an incident please check the match history of said players to ensure that it's not a single case of someone feeding (out of boredom/being mad/something else) and provide:
    The matchid of the game: 611924990
    The name of the feeding player: hello
    The name of the boosted player: __
    The amount of games you found where the player got boosted (if possible including matchids) unknown - both profiles private

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    I encountered a 5-stack of some sort of robots.

    So I was playing ability draft with a couple of friends. This match started - I thought he other teams names were strange. Then they proceeded to be the WORST players I've ever encountered. and not normal bad - like easy bots bad. I don't know what's going on here, but it's definitely fishy.
    Here's a shot of the end score screen. you can see they're all partied - they all bought the same items and they all fed like they were made of cake. the game was boring and disappointing.

    Attachment 23391

    match ID: 617264394

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    6k MMR silencer feeds multiple couriers and afks out a game within the first few minutes. Obviously feeding friend on other team.

    If you look at his history, half of his games are throws.

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    Furion buys multiple couriers, teleport t2 and feeds them to enemy team.

    Match ID: 618723574
    Feeding player: aPRIL
    Boosted player: no sure, guy with "..." nick most likely
    1st game, but was very obvious.
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    High mmr exploiter

    match id: 618741892
    basically to bring awarness to this person being boosted who is using bot to farm mmr

    feeding player this is also obvious a bot acc, only game is dota with 300hr and no friends. also doesnt have a dotabuff
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    Match 616928254

    Abusing player : Sabotager Bev

    I don't know this trash, but i saw his dotabuff account and he just ruins games on purpose. Please remove this scum from dota 2 before he ever plays anywhere even close to my bracket.

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    sorry for my eng!
    The matchid of the game: 619034177
    The name of the feeding player: Piece of shit
    The name of the boosted player: again lost
    CHeck replay as "again lost", and check his mouse clicking and meepo's steps.
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    Matchid : 620057791
    Feeding - sanchez
    Beneficient: gorgutzer

    Profile is of course hidden, so i cant tell you how many times he cheated - you can check with whom sanchez always gets teamed up with.
    At this point i start to wonder if there should be profile privacy option.
    Guy just picked wisp bought 4 couriers and went to mid to donate them to huskar. I abandoned the game (got almost 2700 games and 0% abandons).
    Will I and other teammates receive rating back?
    Maybe you could implement "report cheater" ingame client option??
    or give mods power to vote whether person was cheating or not and to instaban them?

    Thanks in advance...

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