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Thread: Matchmaking Abuse Report Thread

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    The MATCHID is: 1168171938



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    Feeder: Anonymous account every time.
    Boosted: wpwpwp

    In every single one of these games, this guy (wpwpwp) goes against an anonymous player who buys nothing but boots and feeds intentionally. Obvious matchmaking abuse deserving of a permanent ban.

    EDIT: I know that the second match is a loss, not sure how he managed that... Still intentional feeder on the opposing team.

    EDIT2: Found a couple of more games today, now the feeder is called "Road to 6.5k" in all 3 matches:

    EDIT3: Seems this guy is gonna be allowed to keep going, not gonna bother using this thread anymore. Checked it every few days and he's not showing any signs of stopping (although he reduced frequency of trading).
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    I know there is some dev that checks this thread.
    Just wanted to point out that whoever unbanned my friend is a total fucking retard.

    He got shadow banned 2014 Spring and then created a thread about this 'unjust' ban. He got sent here because he was MMR abusing, however he was one of the people to get unbanned as his DotA 2 Dev forum account was presumably linked to his main account.
    We all presume that devs do the unbans by hand, and he himself promised he would stop trying to abuse again.

    He was hovering at 4500 MMR after his re-calibration test (after you get unbanned your MMR gets reset to some number or some shit)
    He was so bad that he could neither go up or lower than 4400-4500. And this was for months.

    Last month I checked his account, it was 4900. I presumed he finally practiced and got better.
    Today he is 5500. His profile isn't private so I checked out his matches.

    There are often feeder bots on the other team, i.e 0-21.
    After two rigged matches, he always plays one ranked game NORMALLY to trick the system that he is legit.
    Another thing is that he always feeds mid or a carry just to not get caught as the system will instead check if the mid player is the abuser instead of jasontsung who is sitting on 7 kills compared to 24 kills on the midder.

    Here is his steam profile
    Developer profile

    One of his threads where he is crying

    Attached is proof of rigged matchmaking and a private message where we discuss why valve doesn't reset abuser accounts back to 3K MMR.
    Attachment 29217
    Attachment 29218

    Please ban this fucking retard, he has quite a lot of valuable items.

    Limit his account as well, I know that one developer froze a russian pudge player's 5k USD worth inventory after the pudge started relentlessly feeding and flaming in all chat whilst there was a Valve developer on the other team.


    Thank you, I believe he is banned. He hasn't played for weeks on this acc and has no items on it anymore.
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    Match ID : 1184709789

    obviously boosting acc whit 6.2mmr checked his dotabuff and all games he get feeds by a enemy player. u can also check same nicknames on both accounts
    boosted player:

    feeding player

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    Match id : 1188959761
    boosted player:
    feeding player:
    db private
    after game they use another nickname

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    Match 1203409231
    Owner: STEAM_0:0:41721713
    Bot: STEAM_0:1:50385987

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    MatchID: 1219723252
    Abuser Charcter: Lycan
    Boosted: Storm Spirit, Templar Assasin

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    i would like to add some words : i think that the booster was shom1x because he had problems with microskills.well you know,he used his spells very well only in fights or gangs and losing control in non-fight time.

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    The matchid of the game: 1227639060
    The name of the feeding player: .. (
    The name of the boosted player: 一路向北 (
    The amount of games you found where the player got boosted (if possible including matchids): Just the one above, since his profile is closed.

    It isn't an elaborate feeder bot but just a guy using two PCs. Whenever one of his hero moves, the other stays put. He didn't even load into the game with the other hero until he was done shopping and gave it the order to go to the rune. He feigned lag for his issues and fed himself numerous kills trying to make it look inconspicuous. Everyone caught on to it however, and we tried to find who was the culprit. I really hope I get refunded the points back..

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